January Sushi & More

3 02 2015

Twice I made it to my sushi joint in January, 2015; a great start in the new year I’d say.

On my first “regular” visit with my bestie, the place was packed when we got there so we went away elsewhere and my sushi master was supposed to call me when two seats became available.  We waited over beer for maybe an hour which seemed too long for sushi.  So I made the call.  Whoa.  He had forgotten about us but he’s always so nice that I easily forgave him.  He didn’t feel the same way and gave us loads of food on the house that night and I thought, I could get used to being forgotten.

The second visit was with business friends, two ladies with whom I like having bubbles, or we all like having bubbles together; let’s put it that way.  One of us works in the Canadian Embassy and she is leaving Tokyo this summer and she decided she would try out one new sushi bar a month up to when she will depart.  So I introduced her to my sushi joint.

Afterwards we went to my Canadian friend’s for bubbles and much more.

Something from Canada.


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