Visiting a Mosque in Guangzhou, China

21 03 2017

The Huaisheng Mosque, in Guangzhou, China is believed to be one of the oldest mosques not just in China but in the world.

It was during a prayer hour when I went and regardless I never know if it’s right to go into a mosque so my photos have been taken from a distance.

A grocer across the street from the mosque. Fresh lamb

A market nearby selling halal meat.

To the Fish Market! in Guangzhou, China

20 03 2017

The fish market in Guangzhou, China is wholesale/retail put together.  It’s a wonder they were open during the Chinese New Year holidays when I went. Huge live turtles and shellfish as well as chopped crocodiles were the most impressive.  ^^



To Market! in Guangzhou, China

19 03 2017

I was very surprised to find this local retail market open on the new year’s day in Guangzhou, China during my recent visit.  It was in the afternoon and I don’t think everything was open so not a lot of action going on but still impressively stocked with meats, fish, and vegetables as well as more curious variety of creatures such as crocodiles, live snakes, and Chinese softshell turtles.

Seeking Noodles in Guangzhou, China

18 03 2017

My memory of my Guangzhou, China trip from the end of January is somewhat fading away and I cannot exactly remember why I ended up in this Hokkien noodle shop which was not the most local in the style of cooking and I try to eat local.  I just remember that I was set to eat noodles in a simple eatery where locals went and this was just that.

The Sacred Heart Cathedral of Guangzhou

17 03 2017

I am not a Catholic nor practice any religion for that matter but when it comes to “Sacred Heart“, I am rather partial because of my education in a Sacred Heart school.

Visited the peaceful (if a little crowded) Sacred Heart Cathedral in Guangzhou upon my visit to the city at the end of January.

The Final Breakfast in Guangzhou, China

15 03 2017

On the day I was leaving the city of Guangzhou, China, I still had one particular dish I wanted to try.  Around 9 am, I tried visiting some of the best dim sum restaurants in the city but found all of them just way too busy and scrapped the idea.  At the end went into a seemingly local, fit-for-breakfast restaurant which was fairly busy when I went in and became packed as I waited for my breakfast.

My first choice; where I really wanted to go.

My second choice.

Where I ended up.

Shrimp rice noodle roll – the dish I really wanted to try.

Cats in Guangzhou and Kaiping, China

13 03 2017

Not a whole lot but there were occasional roaming cats as well as one on a leash!

From central Guangzhou


Below from Kaiping

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