Walking in Marseille, France, Part 2

18 07 2017

From the Marseille Cathedral vicinity and still within a very easy reach, we went to check out the Saint-Laurent Church.  There was a service going on so we sat in the congregation listening to the French sermon.

Anna, my friend.

Orange lifejackets that save arriving refugees.

More exploring.

From my hotel room…

Spending the Day with Anna & Michel in LA

13 07 2017

During my recent brief visit to Los Angeles, I had made a point to see a friend or more a work associate who became a very good friend.  I had enough time on the Saturday I was there when Anna and her husband Michel made time for me to go out for lunch followed by an unplanned shopping expedition and a visit to their lovely home.

Random Malta

25 06 2017

It’s a wrap for my recent trip to the Republic of Malta with very random photos of little things I saw and did.



Inside the Mdina Walls of Malta

14 06 2017

Mdina is the former capital city of Malta and to this day kept walled and beautiful.

The main gate into the city

Inside the city’s cathedral





A Trip to Mdina and Walking in Rabat, Malta, Part 2

13 06 2017

Back from my trip to France and back to writing about Malta.

Malta being a very Catholic country and Rabat especially so due to its history, everywhere in Rabat you go, on the majority of houses in the city, you see plaques of Christian images by the door.  I saw the same in Valletta and other towns I was in but it was way more visible in Rabat.

So here is a collection.

A Trip to Mdina and Walking in Rabat, Malta, Part 1

31 05 2017

Mdina is another wonderful ancient walled city within Malta and Rabat is the city just outside of the wall of Mdina and it is most charming.  I enjoyed walking the streets of Rabat, just admiring the buildings and narrow streets.

Beautiful Streets of Birgu aka Vittoriosa

22 05 2017

The ancient fortified city of Birgu a.k.a. Vittoriosa on the south side of Valletta, the capital of Malta, turned out to be a gem partly because I went in the early evening when virtually no one else was around.  The streets and buildings are very well kept, it was very peaceful.


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