The Japan-Canada Relationship

26 07 2015

My good friend Laurie is leaving Japan to go back to Canada.  She has been the wonderful head of public relations at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo and while it’s sad to see her go, I have a feeling she may just be returning in future in a bigger position judging from the speech made by the Ambassador at this farewell party for Laurie which was held earlier this month at the Embassy.

Cheers.  Not intentional but I had my nail painted in an appropriate fashion.

Cheers. Not intentional but I had my nails painted in an appropriate fashion.




Canadian wine

Canadian bubbly

January Sushi & More

3 02 2015

Twice I made it to my sushi joint in January, 2015; a great start in the new year I’d say.

On my first “regular” visit with my bestie, the place was packed when we got there so we went away elsewhere and my sushi master was supposed to call me when two seats became available.  We waited over beer for maybe an hour which seemed too long for sushi.  So I made the call.  Whoa.  He had forgotten about us but he’s always so nice that I easily forgave him.  He didn’t feel the same way and gave us loads of food on the house that night and I thought, I could get used to being forgotten.

The second visit was with business friends, two ladies with whom I like having bubbles, or we all like having bubbles together; let’s put it that way.  One of us works in the Canadian Embassy and she is leaving Tokyo this summer and she decided she would try out one new sushi bar a month up to when she will depart.  So I introduced her to my sushi joint.

Afterwards we went to my Canadian friend’s for bubbles and much more.

Something from Canada.


May Eats in Tokyo

4 06 2014

Some of my eating-out’s in Tokyo (and technically on Canadian ground once as I was at the Embassy) roughly for the past month.  There was the Mother’s Day, the usual sushi outing, farewell parties, etc. but where I have very few pictures of food on any given night would be when I was most likely in a business meeting.


A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

5 08 2013

I was very fortunate to have been invited to a lovely early-Sunday-evening wine and cheese pre-concert gathering (of two) on a warm summer night (in an air-conditioned apartment).

IMG_1847 IMG_1848


Pure heaven.

Music in the Month of March

19 04 2013

Following up something I had skipped due to my travelog.

Early in March, I discovered the Voca People…


The Voca People @ The Galaxy Theatre. I had no idea who they were but a friend had an extra ticket so I went and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Very entertaining and I knew most if not all of the songs they performed.


Cocktails named after each character.

Roberta Gambarini @ Blue Note Tokyo.  What a spectacular singer.

Roberta Gambarini @ Blue Note Tokyo. What a spectacular singer.

Kaori Kobayashi @ Kawasaki Lazona.

Kaori Kobayashi @ Kawasaki Lazona.

Santana @ the Budokan.

Santana @ the Budokan.

Gilbert O'Sullivan @ Billboard Live Tokyo.

Gilbert O’Sullivan @ Billboard Live Tokyo.

Kaori Kobayashi @ Shibuya Hikarie.

Kaori Kobayashi @ Shibuya Hikarie.





Eddi Reader @ Billboard Live Tokyo on the night i returned from the States.

Eddi Reader @ Billboard Live Tokyo on the night i returned from the States.

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