Cats in Malta

16 05 2017

I saw a few more cats while in Malta than what I’ve captured here but not many more for which I was surprised.  I expected the island country to be a bit more like Dubrovnik, Croatia which I visited the same time last year.

I initially thought this was a stuffed animal sitting by the window.

A Walk Around the B&B and Onward to Malta from Rome FCO

1 05 2017

The morning after I arrived in Italy turned out to be beautiful.

View from the balcony of my B&B near Rome FCO.

And out for a walk.  The hotel exterior and its premises.

Stepping outside.

And back in the hotel, checked out, and waiting for my ride to the airport.

And zipped to the airport.

Goodbye Italy and off to the Republic of Malta!


Cats in Guangzhou and Kaiping, China

13 03 2017

Not a whole lot but there were occasional roaming cats as well as one on a leash!

From central Guangzhou


Below from Kaiping

Cats in George Town, Penang

29 01 2017

I only saw three.  Or I might have seen one more but it must have gotten away before I had a chance to capture it on camera.

My cats of George Town, Penang, Malaysia.


Cats in Yangon

21 11 2016

Not very many cats in Yangon, Myanmar!!




The Sole Cat in Seoul

12 10 2016

It’s the only cat I saw during my recent stay in Seoul, Korea.  Surprising because of the vast number of stray cats (though never dogs) we have in Tokyo.  It may have had to do with where I was staying.  This kitten was seen near the fish market (well, of course!)





Cats in Reykjavik, Iceland

21 08 2016

There were not that many but I did see a fair number of cats in the city of Reykjavik and every time it was a different kind.  And every time it wore a collar. The first one I saw I thought it was a domestic cat from seeing a couple following it and kind of playing with it.


And it was quite beautiful.



And then I saw this one also with a collar by it was by itself.




And then I saw another one walking on its own and with a collar although you cannot see it in these pix as it’s a bit plump.



By then I had started to think that wearing a collar probably did not mean that it was not stray.  Then I took this walking tour and my guide told me that I assumed correct.  All cats (and dogs) had to be registered, even stray ones (or that’s what I thought she said but I cannot tell if this is a fact after much Googling).


Saw this on the “walking tour” which I will write about in a later post.

This one’s collar was hidden.  Couldn’t tell if it had one.




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