Spending the Day with Anna & Michel in LA

13 07 2017

During my recent brief visit to Los Angeles, I had made a point to see a friend or more a work associate who became a very good friend.  I had enough time on the Saturday I was there when Anna and her husband Michel made time for me to go out for lunch followed by an unplanned shopping expedition and a visit to their lovely home.

Cats in Malta

16 05 2017

I saw a few more cats while in Malta than what I’ve captured here but not many more for which I was surprised.  I expected the island country to be a bit more like Dubrovnik, Croatia which I visited the same time last year.

I initially thought this was a stuffed animal sitting by the window.

A Walk Around the B&B and Onward to Malta from Rome FCO

1 05 2017

The morning after I arrived in Italy turned out to be beautiful.

View from the balcony of my B&B near Rome FCO.

And out for a walk.  The hotel exterior and its premises.

Stepping outside.

And back in the hotel, checked out, and waiting for my ride to the airport.

And zipped to the airport.

Goodbye Italy and off to the Republic of Malta!


Cats in Guangzhou and Kaiping, China

13 03 2017

Not a whole lot but there were occasional roaming cats as well as one on a leash!

From central Guangzhou


Below from Kaiping

Cats in George Town, Penang

29 01 2017

I only saw three.  Or I might have seen one more but it must have gotten away before I had a chance to capture it on camera.

My cats of George Town, Penang, Malaysia.


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