Soft-Served in Seoul, Korea!!

6 10 2016

On the first day of my visit to Seoul, Korea, between my hotel and the venue of the convention I’m attending, I found two locations that served soft ice cream next to each other. ¬†I was naturally torn about which to try today having foregone lunch as I was full from breakfast and knowing that a lunch meeting awaited tomorrow.

What I chose and it was great.


Where it came from.


Very nice.

Soft Served in August, 2016!!

24 09 2016

I hadn’t written about this topic due to my travel posts but here I go.

My Icelandic soft serve was, well, nothing to write home about. :(

My Icelandic soft serve was, well, nothing to write home about. ūüė¶

Kabosu flavored!! Very nice.

Kabosu flavored!! Very nice.

The best green tea soft serve ever.

The best green tea soft serve ever.

Working in Singapore, Day 3

16 09 2016

Having performed my duty as a panelist the previous day, I had little worry for the final day of the convention I was attending in Singapore this week.  Started the day by going back to the food court inside Marina Bay Sands for an Indian breakfast.



Heard a few panels in the morning.  Insightful.


And then it was already time for my lunch meeting.  I insisted we had to go somewhere where there was Tiger Beer on tap.  My wish was granted.

Two more meetings at my hotel in the afternoon and then it was cocktail hour at the “Long Bar” at the Raffles Hotel, the home of “Singapore Sling“. ¬†I had the slightly different “Sling 1887” which had sparkling wine in the mix.

Decided to dine at the hotel.



Lemmongrass jelly. Very nice.

Souvenir shopping at the hotel’s gift shop.


Walking back to my hotel a couple of blocks away which was tricky because of all the road blocks due to the scheduled Formula One.

Fast forward to the next morning at 4:00 am, arriving at the Changi Airport for my 5:50 am flight which got pushed forward to 5:35 am.

Good week!


The Reykjavik Food Walk, Part 3

2 09 2016

Next up on the Reykjavik Food Walk was a stop we were initially supposed to do before going for the lobster soup but there was a long line of people so we saved it for afterwards.

When we returned, there was still a long line.




To make good use of time, Gabriella (pictured above in the middle) gave us each a little taste of Iceland that is Skyr.


Had the plain kind for breakfast with fresh blueberries.

In my apartment had the plain kind for breakfast with fresh blueberries.

In the meantime, the line was getting shorter.

In the meantime, the line was getting shorter.

The best dog in Iceland so they say and they seem to eat lots of hot dogs (as well as pizzas).

Our next meal: Icelandic hot dog which comes with a lamb sausage. The name of the hot dog stand translates as “the best hot dog in town”.


BTW it’s very easy to stay in Reykjavik w/o carrying any local currency as even hot dog stands and ice cream parlors take credit cards. Not where I come from.

The "one with everything"

“The works” with ketchup, sweet mustard, fried onion, raw onion and remola√įi, a mayonnaise-based sauce with sweet relish. Yum.

Bæjarins beztu pylsur

Lunching in Reykjavik, Iceland

14 08 2016

My first lunch in the city of Reykjavik was at this lovely breakfast and lunch place at the Old Harbor.



Very good Icelandic beer


Had one of the lunch specials of the day, pan-fried plaice in creamy white wine sauce flavored with lemon, with scallions, shrimps, mushrooms, rucola, and pickled veg and roasted potatoes.  Excellent dish.




And then across from it, I saw an ice cream shop with a sign that looked like a soft-serve ice cream cone.

Yes. They had it. But... not too great. Ours is much better...

Yes. They had it. But… not too great. Ours is much better…


Soft Served in July, 2016!

7 08 2016

I really would like to be trying more new soft serves but it’s proving to be difficult because timing is always tricky when you want to eat three meals a day and there aren’t so many I have not already tried in Tokyo.

Just a couple in July and while the first one was a winner the second is not even worthy of mentioning…

Soy milk. Very nice.

Soy milk. Very nice.

Not a proper one and I could't tell before I ordered it. Regrets.

Not a proper one and I could’t tell before I ordered it. Regrets.

Soft Served in June, 2016! (and New Nails!)

6 07 2016

The first soft serve I had outside of Japan that I thought was good.

In Berlin. Surprisingly good.

In Berlin. The yellow color is misleading but it was good vanilla.

Back in Tokyo.

Back in Tokyo.

And as for nails…

Have become addicted to floral patterns.

Have become addicted to floral patterns and peeps have been noticing, liking.

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