Leaving on a Jet Plane

21 07 2017

Another trip earlier today out of Narita.  Am now in Shanghai, China, attending a festival on business.

Our ride to the hotel.

Checked in.

Beautiful view!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

3 06 2017

Going away on business this morning.

Off to Marseille, France for the weekend.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

29 04 2017

Golden Week 2017 begins!!

Beautiful Mt. Fuji

In transit in Seoul at ICN.  Onward to Rome FCO for tonight.

Homebound on the Chinese Bullet Train

27 04 2017

It was time for me to go home from Ningbo after spending three days in the Chinese city.

On the way in, our group was picked up at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport and was driven to Ningbo.  Since I had a later flight than most people, going back I was to travel solo on the high-speed train (my first!) the arrangement for which my host took care.

Arriving the Ningbo Railway Station.

Inside the building in the waiting area.

Going down to the platform.

My ride to Shanghai

Getting on and aboard the train which looked very similar to our shinkansen.

Arriving at the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

The train station is situated next to the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and from there was a cab ride to the other airport.

Arriving at the Pudong Airport.

In the departure hall.

My ride to Tokyo Haneda

From TLL to STN

14 04 2017

Back to writing about my trip to Tallinn, Estonia which was followed by a very brief stop in London, England.

The travel between the two cities involved lots of firsts.

The line leading up to security. There is just one gate. Estonians being efficient, it wasn’t as bad as it looks but seeing this upon arriving at the airport was rather discouraging.

My ride from Tallinn to London. First time flying with the Irish LCC.

My seat was 1A. This was my view when I sat in my seat.

And looking out the window.

As the door closed. That would be my foot, the black thing on the floor.

And we flew into Stansted Airport to which I had never been before. Again a long line at immigration.  We left Tallinn at 12 noon and arrived in London at 1 pm local time after a three-hour flight.  Decided lunch at the airport was a good idea.

I then took the Stansted Express into London Liverpool Street Station. Another first.

Then a cab ride to my hotel in Paddington.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

29 03 2017

Leaving for Tallinn, Estonia via Paris to attend a convention.


The Day Trip to Kaiping

10 02 2017

I was in Guangzhou, China between January 27th and 30th and I used Sunday the 29th to visit Kaiping, the main purpose of my China trip.

I was initially going to spend an overnight in Kaiping and had made travel arrangements accordingly but at the last minute scrapped the idea and decided to do a day trip to the city.

Got up early on Sunday morning and embarked on my first subway ride in Guangzhou which was easy but I did make a mistake in my destination when I bought the ticket.

Arrived at the Guangzhou East Railway Station thinking that was where the bus to Kaiping left.  Wrong.  But didn’t realize so until I had finished breakfast at a fast food restaurant at the bus terminal.

Back to the subway to get to the right bus terminal.  And that wasn’t easy as there were three bus terminals at the Guangzhou Railway Station.  The first one I went to was another wrong terminal.

But finally arrived at the right one and purchased a ticket to Kaiping on the 9:30 am bus.

After a two-hour journey, arrived safely in drizzly Kaiping.

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