Leaving on a Jet Plane

13 04 2017

Off to China again, this time on business to attend a conference in Ningbo.  (Where’s that?!)

My first at NRT.  Went to the wrong terminal and took the inter-terminal shuttle.  ^^

Movies! in the Month of March, 2017

4 04 2017

So many good films.

Difficult to choose a best but this was probably most memorable in a surprising way.  It was better than what the Japanese trailer tried to show which I think is rare.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

29 03 2017

Leaving for Tallinn, Estonia via Paris to attend a convention.


Movies! in the Month of February, 2017

2 03 2017

I had to stay home for a week last week having caught the flu during which time I missed a couple of films I really wanted to see.  😦

Very difficult to pick one favorite.  Maybe the one I saw last, a film by young Canadian director Xavier Dolan which won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, though all the fighting in the film was rather heavy.  Most excellent actors.

Music! and Movies! (Mainly Movies!) in the Month of January, 2017

31 01 2017

My movie and music collection from January, 2017

The best movie.  Hands down.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

27 01 2017

While not quite finished with my write-up on George Town, Penang, Malaysia, I am going away for the weekend and here I am recording the event.


At HND though the aircraft shown was not my ride.

Our beautiful Mt. Fuji

Our beautiful Mt. Fuji from the flight between Tokyo Haneda and Osaka Kansai



Off to Guangzhou, China.

Happy 2017!

1 01 2017

New year’s is the most important holiday for the Japanese people as there is no other time of the year during which families get together in a major way.  So I am “home” with my parents and doing the festive thing which I love.

Starting with the new year’s eve.

To be eating noodles is a thing to do to wish for long and healthy life.

To be eating soba at the end of the year is a thing to do in order to get rid of bad things that may have happened during the year due to the fact that Japanese soba cuts easily.

First breakfast of the year.

And more sake in the evening

Happy new year to all!!

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