A Day Trip to Gozo: Getting There

24 05 2017

I had saved one day during my stay in Malta to do a day trip to the island of Gozo, north of the mainland of Malta.  I was planning to do a lot more but the island seemed bigger than it appeared mainly due to my lack of research but it was still nice.

So after taking a couple of bus routes, I got to the ferry station and boarded a ferry to cross over to Gozo which took about half an hour.

More on Gozo coming up.

Riding the Bus in Malta

23 05 2017

There is no train, over or under ground, in Malta but there is a significant network of buses managed by one company that runs throughout the small country.  There are different price plans but for me because my stay was not long and I was one, paying cash each time I took the bus (which was often) seemed the simplest and cheapest.  It’s 1.5 euros (the winter rate until mid-June) for each ticket you purchase on the bus when you board and it’s good for the next two hours regardless of how many times you transfer or how far you go as long as you board within the two-hour period.

I didn’t capture all the bus stops I was at but bus stops were my friends staying in one for up to 45 minutes waiting.

Inside of the very first bus I took between Valletta and near my apartment which was very busy with tourists.

The nearest stop to my apartment where they had a covered seating area with a window so that you could see the outside traffic.  Clever!

The bus terminal in Valletta

Tourist rush hour outside the Malta-Gozo ferry stop.

So note the loose change next to the driver. If you pay cash on the bus, the driver manually gives you change. I wonder how they keep their books straight.

I had the best view in a very crowded bus. It was so crowded or so the driver thought that we kept passing by stops where people were waiting.

Beautiful Streets of Birgu aka Vittoriosa

22 05 2017

The ancient fortified city of Birgu a.k.a. Vittoriosa on the south side of Valletta, the capital of Malta, turned out to be a gem partly because I went in the early evening when virtually no one else was around.  The streets and buildings are very well kept, it was very peaceful.


Lunching in Sliema

21 05 2017

My vacation continued into the second day in Malta.  Did not do much in the morning except to walk around the apartment neighborhood including the neighboring Sliema district in search of a few necessities.  At 1 pm, headed to this bistro where I had made a reservation having read a few favorable reviews.

My lamb stew was fabulous; home cooking at its best.

Exploring Valletta, Part 5

20 05 2017

More walking in Valletta, Malta, after lunch including a visit to the lovely Casa Rocca Piccola.  This happened on Monday, May 1, 2017.

Cats in Malta

16 05 2017

I saw a few more cats while in Malta than what I’ve captured here but not many more for which I was surprised.  I expected the island country to be a bit more like Dubrovnik, Croatia which I visited the same time last year.

I initially thought this was a stuffed animal sitting by the window.

Lunching in Valletta

14 05 2017

I hadn’t researched much as to where to eat in Malta during my recent stay but early in the morning of the day I was to be in Valletta, I wrote to one restaurant asking for a lunch reservation.  Because it was too close to the hour I was visiting, I did not receive a proper confirmation but I went anyway and had no problem getting in though the outside terrace was almost full having been occupied by a big Japanese (!) group.  That’s sometimes not a good sign but the restaurant was very fine.  Good food and service in a nice relaxed atmosphere.  All the wines I had were local.


Rabbit tortellacci.  Rabbit is one of the most popular meats in Maltese cuisine.

Around the restaurant.




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