Leaving on a Jet Plane

15 09 2017

Off to China this morning for the fourth time this year.

Shanghai here we come.


Music! and Movies! (Mainly Movies!) in the Month of January, 2017

31 01 2017

My movie and music collection from January, 2017

The best movie.  Hands down.

Movies! and Music! in the Month of November, 2016

2 12 2016

Taking a break from writing about my trip to Myanmar earlier in November, here is my collection of movies I saw and music events I went to in the month of November.  So much more films than music.

Three different shots for Bridget Jones’s Baby: a regular flyer, a big panel display in a theater involving a “waterfall”, and see how big it actually is.

So many good films but this one stood out.

And a few music events…


Movies! and Music! in the Month of October 2016

5 11 2016

Before I go talking about Yangon, Myanmar, here is what was happening in my world of music and film last month.

And here is one movie I did not get to see due to a work commitment despite having won tickets to a special screening at the Tokyo International Film Festival.  What’s more Hugh Grant (my ultimate favorite actor) and Meryl Streep were going to appear in person.



I did manage to get to the pre-viewing greeting session but it was just Meryl that came on the stage.  Hugh had another movie to shoot (good news) and sent a pre-recorded video message.  Sigh.


I have yet to see the film which opens on December 1 in Japan.

Working in Seoul

7 10 2016

So I am in Seoul, Korea attending an industry convention to which I was invited which is kind of nice.  The event is being held in a newly developed area of the city called Digital Media City, built mainly after the 2002 FIFA World Cup when the capital’s soccer stadium was built, somewhere you would not travel to unless you had some business in the neighborhood so people have told me.

Yesterday getting to the convention venue from my hotel.








Tonight at MUV Hall, in the young and trendy Hongdae neighborhood.

More trips away from the Digital Media City would have been great.  Next time if there is a next time, tomorrow being my last day and mostly staying at the convention venue.

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