A Night Out in Little Tokyo and Breakfast After

2 07 2017

The first night in LA was a massive welcome dinner for our huge travel party. Our mysterious-looking ride to the restaurant.

In Little Tokyo for an izakaya party.

And the first morning was another sunny day.  Downstairs from the hotel where outside seating seems to be the norm for the eateries in the complex, I had a nice not-too-heavy breakfast.


Leaving on a Jet Plane

12 09 2016

A break from the Reykjavik report.  Off to Singapore on business to attend an industry convention including being on a panel!




July Sushi!

4 08 2016

I thought I had a bit more of the casual type of sushi from department stores/supermarkets/convenience stores kind of thing but apparently not.

Love these rolls

Love these bought at Hikarie

And my monthly visit to the same good old Kozasazushi.

June Sushi!

4 07 2016

A short month for me for being away in Europe but due to the scheduled Father’s Day, more sushi than usual.  Happy.

Father’s Day sushi

Lunching at my desk at work

Lunching at my desk at work

The second visit of the month to my sushi joint with two of my best friends from school.

Izakaya sushi

Izakaya sushi

Music! Sushi! Soft-Serve! and Nails! in the Month of May, 2016

10 06 2016

My routine activities (except movies) from last month, put together in one again, this time mashing up everything in chronological order.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

31 05 2016

My annual trip to Cannes is here.  Used to be in January and since last year in June and if I’m counting right, this would be my 25th year…

But my first stop is Berlin a stop I’m looking forward to as I have a little bit of off time though the weather forecast not looking great.


My flight on time

Seems my flight decided to take off earlier than scheduled. Good thing I am actually at the airport early.



April Sushi! Movies! and Music! All Packed in One

29 04 2016

Yes, I could go on eating sushi everyday actually…







So that covered the sushi bit.  Now the movies.  Wow.  So many good ones, new and old, deep and funny.

As for music, different genres, lots of in-stores.

For the funniness I choose this French film as my film of the month.

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