24+ Hours in London

15 04 2017

After about half an hour black cab journey from Liverpool Street Station to Paddington, checked into my hotel for a one-night stay.

Lovely color scheme

View from my room

The public terrace used as, if one wishes, a smoking area.

And then I stepped out for a visit to the Selfridges before my dinner appointment.

And then my dinner appointment wrote in to tell me he had lost his voice. Didn’t mind spending time in my hotel room for a change.

From TLL to STN

14 04 2017

Back to writing about my trip to Tallinn, Estonia which was followed by a very brief stop in London, England.

The travel between the two cities involved lots of firsts.

The line leading up to security. There is just one gate. Estonians being efficient, it wasn’t as bad as it looks but seeing this upon arriving at the airport was rather discouraging.

My ride from Tallinn to London. First time flying with the Irish LCC.

My seat was 1A. This was my view when I sat in my seat.

And looking out the window.

As the door closed. That would be my foot, the black thing on the floor.

And we flew into Stansted Airport to which I had never been before. Again a long line at immigration.  We left Tallinn at 12 noon and arrived in London at 1 pm local time after a three-hour flight.  Decided lunch at the airport was a good idea.

I then took the Stansted Express into London Liverpool Street Station. Another first.

Then a cab ride to my hotel in Paddington.

Random London

25 04 2016

Random, very random shots from my recent London trip.







Lunch with Paul H. in London

24 04 2016

It had been such a long time since Paul H., someone we did lots of business with in the ’90s and who is a very dear friend, and I got together which we regularly used to do in London.  We had just been exchanging messages when I quite suddenly confirmed a trip to London and let him know I was coming to the city.

On the day I was leaving for Tokyo, we met up for lunch at his suggestion at this very nice Thai restaurant in Soho.


I arrived about five minutes early and Paul was already enjoying a beer in the lounge.  I obviously joined him.

Great food and old memories.  Loved every moment.

The Ship Tavern, a Proper London Pub Experience

22 04 2016

While I was visiting London at the end of March, I met up with a couple of friends from university who are a married couple having been college sweethearts.  Together with their high school daughter who was home for a spring break from her boarding school we went to the dining room of a very proper and classic pub in Holborn called The Ship Tavern.


The establishment dates back to 1549.  We went to the upstairs “Oak Room” for our dinner.

Had one of their ales.

Had one of their ales on tap.

Had one of their "pies" filled with beef cooked in ale. With chips.

Had one of their “pies” filled with beef cooked in ale. With chips.


It was still light when we came out to head out to our next destination.


The food, the service, the atmosphere, all great.  Even in an old establishment, London feels unstuffy these days.  Loved it.

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