Walking in Marseille, France, Part 2

18 07 2017

From the Marseille Cathedral vicinity and still within a very easy reach, we went to check out the Saint-Laurent Church.  There was a service going on so we sat in the congregation listening to the French sermon.

Anna, my friend.

Orange lifejackets that save arriving refugees.

More exploring.

From my hotel room…

Walking in Marseille, France, Part 1

17 07 2017

At the beginning of June, 2017, I was in the south of France on business.  I started writing about it but got sidetracked into writing about my trip to LA/SF that was happening in real time.  So here I am back to Marseille.

This was the first morning after arriving.  Breakfast in the hotel, a casual walk in the neighborhood including going up to the cathedral, unfortunately closed for when I was there for renovation.

Hotel breakfast with a view

Random Malta

25 06 2017

It’s a wrap for my recent trip to the Republic of Malta with very random photos of little things I saw and did.



Visiting St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta, Malta

23 06 2017

This church in the city of Valletta, formally called Saint John’s Co-Cathedral, is amazing.  I had saved the final morning of my stay in Malta to pay a visit though in truth, it was closed the first time I tried to go as it was a national holiday.

Taken when the church was closed.

In their collection of paintings are two powerful works by Caravaggio: The Beheading of St. John the Baptist and Saint Jerome Writing.



Chapel by the Sea in Dingli, Malta

16 06 2017

After enjoying my visit to Rabat and Mdina, I headed towards the west coast of Malta.  I couldn’t get there before the chapel closed so I am not sure how it looks inside but it was worth going to the tip of Dingli to see the charming St. Mary Magdalene Chapel by the sea.

The Dingli Aviation Radar that looks like a golf ball

Oh!  A horse carriage.

And then I walked to central Dingli to catch a bus back to Sliema.

Picking Up Maltese Sweets in Rabat

15 06 2017

In all the guide books/websites on Malta I saw, there was a reference to this lovely confectionery situated in the main square of the city of Rabat, highly recommended for homemade Maltese sweets.

He let me sample the (mostly almond I think) brittle he is holding which was really good. I got a bar for my cousin.

Also bought two loaves of fruit cake for my friend and myself as well as the small Maltese cannoli I had on the spot. He thanked me in Japanese and gave me two pieces of Maltese nougat as “omake” (something extra or free gift in Japanese).

The mini chocolate cannoli.

Across from the shop in the square is St. Paul’s Church.

A nice facade.

And then I went back inside the Mdina wall to visit this wine place before taking the bus to my next destination.  It would have been strategically better to do the wine first and the sweets later but the confectionery was closing at 5 pm so had to hurry there.

Inside the Mdina Walls of Malta

14 06 2017

Mdina is the former capital city of Malta and to this day kept walled and beautiful.

The main gate into the city

Inside the city’s cathedral





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