The Final Dinner in Nouméa, New Caledonia

9 01 2016

I could be writing about the “last lunch” but it was so bad that I am foregoing it.  ^^

The last dinner, on the other hand, was quite fab, which took place in a Vietnamese restaurant.

Not sure that we would have found the duck dish in Viet Nam, our main, but it was truly tasty.  Happy before taking off on our return journey to Tokyo.  🙂


Random Hanoi

30 11 2015

Scenes from my trip to Hanoi, Viet Nam last month.








My Final Meal in Hanoi

27 11 2015

I was very tired by the time I was ready to have dinner on my final night in Hanoi, Viet Nam, which included flying out of the city, Tokyo bound, around midnight.  I also did not have much cash on me.  All things considered, I decided to stop by this restaurant which vaguely seemed familiar from my first visit to Hanoi.





Eating out in this kind of restaurant when you’re one is difficult as you are expected to share what you order and it ends up feeling overpriced.

Whatever.  All was good. ^^


Lunching in Hanoi: It’s Bun Cha Time!

24 11 2015

Bun Cha” is a Vietnamese dish said to have originated in Hanoi for which I had no prior knowledge from my previous trip to the city or from visiting Vietnamese restaurants in general.  Out of several eateries outside the wholesale market, I found my perfect bun cha stall.

A covered alley outside Đồng Xuân Market featuring a variety of food stalls

A covered alley outside Đồng Xuân Market featuring a variety of food stalls

My bun cha lady

My bun cha lady with her grilled pork


My bowl of bun cha. Sweeter than one would expect and it’s cold (i.e. not warm) broth.



Stalls offering other dishes.

Breakfasting in Hanoi

13 11 2015

Being in Hanoi, Viet Nam, I felt compelled to try a proper bowl of “pho bo”, the beef pho, said to have originated in Hanoi, for breakfast so off I went the second morning I was there in search of the perfect bowl.

After wandering around for 10 minutes or so settled in what looked like a very popular pho joint.

But as I sat down and noticed this after I ordered my pho, I thought oops.


As you can see from the shop-front signs above, they specialized in pho ga, the chicken pho, instead of pho bo, the beef pho.

Never mind.  My pho bo turned out to be very good but it cost me much more than pho ga, the chicken pho, which was a little under US$1.00.



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