Single Malt Irish Coffee

20 02 2015

It was after my friend’s birthday dinner in Shibuya that the lot of us decided to have another drink.  Not having any particular idea as to where to go, we stumbled upon a coffee shop/bar that seemed nice in a very casual and relaxed way so in we went.

One of us got coffee with lots of whipped cream.


The cream inspired me to try Irish coffee.  It was not on the menu but this enthusiastic barista said, “Leave it to me.”


She grabbed a bottle of Yamazaki, one of the nice single malt whiskeys made by Suntory while explaining that she only had “hard-whipped” cream which wasn’t really for Irish coffee but asked us to accept it.




Whoa.  Very very strong.  And no problem with the cream.  I’ll take hard-whipped any day, thank you.


And it only cost me 580 yen (less than US$5).


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