A Night Out in Little Tokyo and Breakfast After

2 07 2017

The first night in LA was a massive welcome dinner for our huge travel party. Our mysterious-looking ride to the restaurant.

In Little Tokyo for an izakaya party.

And the first morning was another sunny day.  Downstairs from the hotel where outside seating seems to be the norm for the eateries in the complex, I had a nice not-too-heavy breakfast.


New Neighborhood Japanese

28 10 2016

I was going to take my parents out for sushi for the “Respect for the Aged Day” (which is not a customary thing to do but I’m just being nice to my folks).  We went to line up at our usual sushi joint a little before 5 pm on a Saturday evening before the place opened and was saddened to discover that the line was already too long.  As predicted, we could not get in.  With no plan B, we started to look for another sushi place nearby but instead stumbled upon this lovely restaurant run by a fishmonger whose shop is in the front with the restaurant’s entrance being on a back street only accessible on foot.






Frozen Beer and More

26 07 2016

The evening in Shibuya in an izakaya situated on the 8th floor of the building you see in the middle of the first picture here started out with this drink.  It was a couple of Fridays ago.


Frozen beer (half regular, half dark) and it’s a bit difficult to drink with the smoothie-like foam on top.

It was good and it wasn’t the problem but when I moved onto saké (lots of), beer again, a beer cocktail, and rum (lots), by the end of the evening, I knew I clearly had too much to drink.

Had a hangover for the first time in years the next day bad enough to cancel my gym appointment.

The bar we went to after dinner. The name sounded right.

The bar we went to after dinner. Looked and sounded fine and it was but…

Still learning…!!

June Sushi!

4 07 2016

A short month for me for being away in Europe but due to the scheduled Father’s Day, more sushi than usual.  Happy.

Father’s Day sushi

Lunching at my desk at work

Lunching at my desk at work

The second visit of the month to my sushi joint with two of my best friends from school.

Izakaya sushi

Izakaya sushi

Afghan Dining in Tokyo

27 04 2016

My two good friends and I tried an Afghan restaurant a couple of weeks ago as part of our monthly experience of “eat-the-world” in Tokyo get-together.

The restaurant offered Asian dishes that were not necessarily Afghan as well but we tried to stick to our theme though the cheese platter had nothing to do with that.  And the seared lamb seemed a bit more Japanese than Afghan.

Became packed quickly.

The main dining room became packed quickly. There was more seating in the back with tables and chairs.

PAO Caravan Sarai

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