Another Round of the “Dining Out Game”

31 03 2015

I was the host and got to choose the restaurant in a “game” in which three friends (used to be four) get together and somewhat compete for the best restaurant within a designated budget.  As a host, if you go over the budget, you pay the excess for everyone.  We do this almost on a monthly basis.

I was sure I would impress the other two and still not go over the budget but we did.  I think we have to change the rule and say that if we are three, the fourth bottle of wine is banned.



Sunny Sunday Afternoon with Friends

30 03 2015

This is from a week ago yesterday when my middle/high school friends and I got together at one of our homes.  It was a gorgeous March Sunday when everything was puuuuuurfect.

In no mood to join the festivities??

In no mood to join the festivities??



Still not happy??

Still not happy??

A stray that gets fed on the premises.

A stray that gets fed on the premises.

Happy Sunday afternoon.

A Yakitori Night Out

29 03 2015

My good jazz pianist friend and I try to get together on a regular basis and I get to choose where to go (yay).  Earlier this month when we met up for the first time in a while, I chose this yakitori and wine combo resto which is a perfect mix.


The venue

I arrived early and started on my own.

I arrived early and started on my own.




Looks nothing like a yakitori joint. ^^



A Seasonal Cocktail at the Imperial Hotel

28 03 2015

I thought of going to the bar at the Imperial Hotel but remembering my not-so-good experience when the group of us, all women, was treated rather poorly though this was years ago, I settled for the lobby lounge.  As I thought, this being March, the “strawberry fair” was on.

They offered a Champagne cocktail made with real strawberries.


Very nice but I would have preferred the flute type of glass  😦

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2015

27 03 2015

I’ve never actually celebrated the St. Patrick’s Day myself and it hadn’t occurred to my friends and me that it was coming up when we chose to go to this restaurant the weekend before the Irish holiday.  We were just looking for a region we hadn’t tried before and added to that I have plans to visit Ireland soon so having stumbled upon (from Googling) this outfit run by an Irishman we said, why not.

A "Giant's" Stew House

A “Giant’s” Stew House


The stews


Irish whiskeys and Irish coffee

Irish whiskeys and Irish coffee

Alan IS really tall.

The Giant’s Stew House

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