Me and Hotel Bars: the Second Choice Saga

22 02 2015

A few weeks ago I tried to visit the newly soft-opened Aman Hotel in Tokyo to visit its bar but could not.  (Was politely told you needed a reservation and that you couldn’t make one on the spot.  I was led to believe this will continue until the hotel fully opens in a couple of months or so.  The coffee shop is not even done yet.)  Though I did not exactly explain that in this post, where I ended up, the Palace Hotel bar, was my second choice.

The same thing happened to me two Fridays ago in pretty much the same neighborhood. I tried to go to the bar at the Four Seasons after seeing a movie.


As soon as I walked in the door I was asked where I was headed to to which I replied, “The bar,” and was apologetically told it was under renovation until April!  April!  How do you stay in a hotel w/o a bar?

Anyway went to my second choice, the Shangri-La, for the first time actually.  I knew it was going to be more glittery and somewhat gaudy and I didn’t need that on a Friday night but I was in need of some bubbles so…


Something I saw on the ladies’ wall.



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