I love Tokyo/eating out/travel/movies/music/architecture and related features.

I’m Japanese.  Was born in Osaka, Japan.  Have lived in Kobe, Japan and Brookline, Massachusetts, USA but in Tokyo for most of my life.  I currently reside in Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Ayako is my real name.  Mathies is an anagram of my former family name.

飛行機 Countries and regions I have visited 飛行機

位置情報 Month/year of first visit

位置情報 The United States (August, 1976)
位置情報 Canada (April, 1977)
位置情報 Puerto Rico (January, 1978)
位置情報 The U.S. Virgin Islands (January, 1978)
位置情報 Mexico (January, 1978)
位置情報 Hong Kong (July, 1982)
位置情報 Thailand (July, 1988)
位置情報 France (January, 1992)
位置情報 England (January, 1993)
位置情報 Belgium (August, 1993)
位置情報 Norway (July, 1994)
位置情報 Denmark (July, 1994)
位置情報 Sweden (August, 1994)
位置情報 Scotland (July, 1995)
位置情報 Taiwan (October, 1995)
位置情報 Korea (March, 1996)
位置情報 Italy (September, 1996)
位置情報 Germany (January, 1997)
位置情報 Singapore (May, 1998)
位置情報 Bhutan (September, 1998)
位置情報 Indonesia (September, 1999)
位置情報 Vietnam (December, 1999)
位置情報 Spain (October, 2000)
位置情報 Laos (December, 2001)
位置情報 Cambodia (December, 2001)
位置情報 Portugal (October, 2002)
位置情報 The Vatican City (October, 2003)
位置情報 Finland (October, 2004)
位置情報 China (July, 2007)
位置情報 Turkey (July, 2008)
位置情報 The Czech Republic (October, 2009)
位置情報 Brazil (November, 2009)
位置情報 Argentina (November, 2009)
位置情報 Morocco (July, 2010)
位置情報 Austria (May, 2011)
位置情報 Hungary (September, 2011)
位置情報 The Netherlands (April, 2012)
位置情報 Lithuania (August, 2012)
位置情報 Latvia (August, 2012)
位置情報 Estonia (August, 2012)
位置情報 Russia (April, 2013)
位置情報 Switzerland (August, 2013)
位置情報 Malaysia (December, 2013)
位置情報 Monaco (February, 2014)
位置情報 Macau (March, 2014)
位置情報 Poland (August, 2014)
位置情報 The Philippines (December, 2014)
位置情報 Ireland (April, 2015)
位置情報 Romania (June, 2015)
位置情報 Bulgaria (August, 2015)
位置情報 Brunei (September, 2015)
位置情報 New Caledonia (December, 2015)
位置情報 Croatia (April, 2016)
位置情報 Montenegro (May, 2016)
位置情報 Iceland (August, 2016)
位置情報 Myanmar (November, 2016)
位置情報 Malta (April, 2017)
位置情報 Luxembourg (August, 2017)
位置情報 New Zealand (December, 2017)

22 responses

24 08 2011

Oh wow…you’ve been to a lot of places. I hope I can at least go to a 1/3 of those places!


24 08 2011

Wow you sure have done your fair share of travelling haven’t you? lol 🙂 that’s quite an extensive list!


24 10 2011
joseph keating

wow, you are so well-travelled, I am quite envious! I lived in Tokyo for 4.5 years but never came across Hakusan. Hopefully I will be back in Tokyo next year. Lovely pictures!


24 10 2011
Ayako Mathies

Hello, people. Thank you for stopping by and dropping a line. I would like to travel so much more…!!


31 03 2012
tita buds

Hi, Ayako. I’ve been browsing through your posts and I’m liking your blog. Will be looking out for more posts from you.
Cheers! 🙂


31 03 2012
Ayako Mathies

Hi tita buds!! Thank you for visiting and following!


30 04 2012



30 04 2012
Ayako Mathies

ありがとうございま〜す ♪


1 05 2012

今日はQueens dayだったんじゃないですか~? 行って来ましたか~?


1 05 2012
Ayako Mathies



2 05 2012



2 09 2012
Nomination for Inspiring Blog Award + One Lovely Blog Award « Uncanny love throb, me

[…] Ayako Mathies – The food and exclusive places she travels around the world, insightful and inspiring! […]


7 10 2012

Thank you for coming to visit Canada! 🙂


8 10 2012
Ayako Mathies

Thanks for visiting here!


29 12 2012

Hi! As you know, I frequently read your blog. Your love of food and openminded attitude to other cultures is inspiring!

I myself have lately been attempting to become a more well-behaved and polite little blogger and have therefore started a blogroll on my own blog. Of course you are included!

Keep up the good work!



29 12 2012
Ayako Mathies

Oh, thanks, Haruko-chan!! I love your blog and unique observations about Japan, too!


14 01 2013

Hi there, I just stumbled across your site from Ken and Jody’s blog ‘The Garum Factory’ on their post on Taro and how you call them something different in Japan. I then saw your posts on Hue and kept on reading. I may be visiting Hue in the Easter holidays so enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your commentary. best Torie


15 01 2013
Ayako Mathies

Hi Torie, thanks for stopping by and following! Hope you do get to go to Hue. I wasn’t all that thrilled about the tourist attractions but just walking around was so fun. And eating in Viet Nam is great. I wish I had more time just for that!


1 03 2013

I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! See details here: http://sequinsandcherryblossom.com/versatile-blogger-award/


2 03 2013
Ayako Mathies

Oh wow, thanks!!


4 11 2013
Susanne A

Lovely blog. Going to be fun following you 🙂


4 11 2013
Ayako Mathies

Great! Thank you for following! 😀


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