Music! and Movies! (Mainly Movies!) in the Month of January, 2017

31 01 2017

My movie and music collection from January, 2017

The best movie.  Hands down.

Music! and Movies! in the Month of December, 2016

26 12 2016

A little early but here I go with music and movies I went to see this month all mixed together in a chronological order.

My favorite was a Polish film, Warsaw 44, shown as part of the Poland Film Festival, about the Warsaw uprising during the World War II.

Movies! and Music! in the Month of November, 2016

2 12 2016

Taking a break from writing about my trip to Myanmar earlier in November, here is my collection of movies I saw and music events I went to in the month of November.  So much more films than music.

Three different shots for Bridget Jones’s Baby: a regular flyer, a big panel display in a theater involving a “waterfall”, and see how big it actually is.

So many good films but this one stood out.

And a few music events…


Music! and Movies! in the Month of September, 2016

1 10 2016


And movies!!

Cannot say which one was my favorite but this one was surprisingly funny.  And I don’t even like unrealistic plots but this was OK.

Music! and Movies! in the Month of August, 2016

17 09 2016

Hadn’t put my musical and movie events from August together yet due to writing about Iceland and Singapore.  Here I go first with music!

And the films.

And my favorite film of the month.

The View of and from Harpa

29 08 2016

This modern building on the waterfront of Reykjavik, Iceland, while now being one of the signature buildings and the cultural center of the city known as Harpa, has apparently been the subject of controversy while being built because of its massive size, the serious financial crisis, etc.

The concert hall and conference center

The concert hall and conference center

It was the meeting point for an eating tour I had joined.


It provided a good view of the port from the inside that was quite special.






Visiting the Smekkleysa Record Shop

17 08 2016

Iceland has a population of about 330,000 (Tokyo has 13.5 million) and I personally know a couple of Icelandic people, which does not seem too few given the population, one of whom I knew to be residing in Reykjavik.  I did not tell him I was coming to Iceland but I knew I would be able to contact him had I wished to do so (though he’s not on any social media).

So on the first morning of my stay, I wrote to this site, which belongs to record store and label Smekkleysa, founded and run by my friend Ásmundur Jónsson, the original home of the Sugarcubes from which Bjork emerged and said I would be visiting the record store at some point while in Reykjavik.  I ended up going on that day.


And I found my friend!!




We decided to get together for lunch on Monday, August 15th.


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