Feasting in Ningbo, Part 2

19 04 2017

Since I did not take pictures of all the food that was served during the evening on my second night in Ningbo, China, it may not appear like a feast here.  Trust me.  It was.  Sorry cannot show you…!

It used to be that the Chinese never ate anything cold or raw. Times have changed and they served this sashimi plate as part of their Chinese dinner.

Another feature that’s different from before; this presentation, the decorative tomato and small portions of Chinese food.

Even the Chinese wine bottle is modern in design.

Important officials at this table.

Something I had never seen before. Young bamboo shoots cut sideways.

All good anyhow.


Breakfasting in Guangzhou, China

5 02 2017

My time in Guangzhou was limited so the plan was to eat breakfast out in order to cover the variety of Chinese dishes available.  So off I went the first morning to a dimsum restaurant to have a proper Guangzhou kind of brekkie.

Ordering was a bit of a challenge.  No English menu whatsoever at this restaurant which was one of the four classic, long-standing establishments in Guangzhou.


And the food was great.


Happy 2017!

1 01 2017

New year’s is the most important holiday for the Japanese people as there is no other time of the year during which families get together in a major way.  So I am “home” with my parents and doing the festive thing which I love.

Starting with the new year’s eve.

To be eating noodles is a thing to do to wish for long and healthy life.

To be eating soba at the end of the year is a thing to do in order to get rid of bad things that may have happened during the year due to the fact that Japanese soba cuts easily.

First breakfast of the year.

And more sake in the evening

Happy new year to all!!

New Neighborhood Japanese

28 10 2016

I was going to take my parents out for sushi for the “Respect for the Aged Day” (which is not a customary thing to do but I’m just being nice to my folks).  We went to line up at our usual sushi joint a little before 5 pm on a Saturday evening before the place opened and was saddened to discover that the line was already too long.  As predicted, we could not get in.  With no plan B, we started to look for another sushi place nearby but instead stumbled upon this lovely restaurant run by a fishmonger whose shop is in the front with the restaurant’s entrance being on a back street only accessible on foot.






Omuraisu Lunch in Tokyo

22 10 2016

This is going way back to September when I had a lunch appointment with a friend and a client.

I was in the mood for “omurice“, a Japanese-western dish, which I had not had for some time.  I tried to book the Shiseido Parlour, a rather fancy restaurant in the “yoshoku” league, but was not able to get a table.  I opted for Tsutsui in Akasaka.  Turned out to be great.






Tofu Dining at the Foot of the Tokyo Tower

3 10 2016

While the newer Skytree may be a busier Tokyo tourist attraction these days, I still think the Tokyo Tower is the more attractive landmark.


My friend and I visited a very special restaurant at the foot of the tower one September Sunday evening for a lovely dinner.


Off to the bar on the premises after dinner.


Soft Served in August, 2016!!

24 09 2016

I hadn’t written about this topic due to my travel posts but here I go.

My Icelandic soft serve was, well, nothing to write home about. :(

My Icelandic soft serve was, well, nothing to write home about. 😦

Kabosu flavored!! Very nice.

Kabosu flavored!! Very nice.

The best green tea soft serve ever.

The best green tea soft serve ever.

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