Feasting in Ningbo, Part 2

19 04 2017

Since I did not take pictures of all the food that was served during the evening on my second night in Ningbo, China, it may not appear like a feast here.  Trust me.  It was.  Sorry cannot show you…!

It used to be that the Chinese never ate anything cold or raw. Times have changed and they served this sashimi plate as part of their Chinese dinner.

Another feature that’s different from before; this presentation, the decorative tomato and small portions of Chinese food.

Even the Chinese wine bottle is modern in design.

Important officials at this table.

Something I had never seen before. Young bamboo shoots cut sideways.

All good anyhow.


Arriving in Shanghai and Getting to Ningbo

17 04 2017

So I  just spent Friday + the weekend in China on business in a city I had never been to before.

Flying out of Narita was a breeze but once I arrived in Pudong, the international airport in Shanghai, things did not look so bright.

No photos allowed so I don’t have any but immigration was a total jam.  And who would’ve thought leaving the baggage claim area when I didn’t have any checked in luggage would be so time consuming.

Arrival hall. Really?

I had to take the inter-terminal shuttle which I had trouble finding to get to my meeting point with my host and other delegates that were participating in the same conference.

The shuttle

And it was a nice day in Shanghai as we left the airport to our hotel in Ningbo about three hours away.

Our ride

Restroom stop on the way.

Arrived at hotel, had dinner.

The following morning. A nice day!

So began my stay in Ningbo, China.

Vene Kultuurikeskus, the Former Soviet Officers Club in Tallinn, Estonia

8 04 2017

During my recent visit to Tallinn, Estonia, I was attending a convention and some of the events held during the day took place at Vene Kultuurikeskus or the Russian Cultural Center, a former officers’ club of the Soviet navy.

The ceiling of the main hall


Maybe it had something to do with the way the building was built but the whole time it was so cold inside!!

Lunching in George Town, Penang

10 01 2017

This restaurant featuring Nyonya cuisine was recommended to me by a very good school friend who had just been to George Town earlier in December, 2016 and had eaten here.  It also had good reviews so I made a reservation on the web though when I got to the restaurant, was told that he (the main guy there) had nothing to do with the web reservation system, that he didn’t have a reservation for me and that he had a full house.  I did insist that my reservation was confirmed and accepted so he had to do something and since I was one, it wasn’t difficult for him to give me a seat at a communal table.

With the set lunch which was recommended came barley water, either warm or cold. I had the warm one which turned out to be very different from our barley tea mainly because it was not roasted and sweet.

With the set lunch which was recommended came barley water, either warm or cold. I had the warm one which turned out to be very different from the Japanese barley tea (same as water) mainly because it was not roasted like ours and sweet.

Only canned beer available :(

Only canned beer available 😦

My set lunch menu. Fish, chicken, fried rice with fried egg. Green veg. OK but nothing special.

My set lunch menu. Fish, fried chicken, steamed white rice with fried egg. Green veg. OK but nothing special.


A bit of a frustrated experience because I could have had so much better food at stalls and less fancy eateries!

Eateries I Really Wanted to Try in George Town, Penang

6 01 2017

I was in George Town, Penang, Malaysia for only two days (or not even) and there was so much food I wanted to try.  I even made a point in not eating breakfast at my hotel because of the limited number of meals I could have during my brief stay.

This is a short list of eateries/food stalls I would have loved to eat at because they seemed busy and popular, mostly with locals, but which I did not have a chance to do.

Duck noodle place

Duck noodle place


It’s Malaysia. Muslim food would have to be great.

More Indian

More Indian



That oyster dish I really wanted to try.

Food court near my hotel. Went in search of breakfast w/o realizing it was a night market.

Food court near my hotel. Went in search of breakfast w/o realizing it was a night market.

The First Night in Yangon, Myanmar

8 11 2016

Taking advantage of the Japanese holiday that fell on Thursday last week, I took Friday off and took a trip to Yangon, Myanmar for the first time for a short holiday.

While I personally did not know anyone in Yangon, my mother’s sister has been going there for years to help with activities of YMCA of Myanmar and prior to my visit, I had been in contact with the Secretary General of the organization who kindly offered to pick me up at the airport upon my arrival and go for dinner together.

Arriving at Yangon International Airport

Arriving at Yangon International Airport.  BTW Catherine Deneuve was sitting behind me on the flight into Yangon from Hanoi.

After meeting in the arrival lobby, Mr. Win and I went out to a nearby Chinese restaurant for a friendly dinner.


First Myanmar beer

My first Myanmar beer in Myanmar

Happy first dinner in Yangon

And happy first dinner in Yangon

Working in Singapore, Day 2

15 09 2016

I heard the rain in the early hours of the morning of my Day 2 in Singapore and this was the view when I woke up.


Time to work and getting to the venue of the convention I am attending, I decided to walk from my hotel which I was told took about 20 minutes.  Luckily, the temperature has been on the low side for where we are, and that encouraged me to do the walk.  Turned out to be rather neat because of the scheduled Formula One Grand Prix this weekend. For one thing, they had closed major roads.

Walking on the bridge from one end of the Marina Bay to the other.

After attending one panel, I decided to go for brunch at the food court inside the shopping mall.

Heard a couple of more panels, did a meeting, and got ready for the panel I was participating in as a speaker.  The conference venue was moving to another building at the ArtScience Museum within the Marina Bay Sands complex.  I don’t have any pics of the panel I was in so posting one of the other panels’.

Stayed on for all the panels in the afternoon and then it was time to get to a cocktail party somewhere in town.  Decided to walk.

Passing through the Telok Ayer Market‘s food court.

And on my way to my destination on the Ann Siang Hill in Chinatown, browsing the Peranakan buildings and the Thian Hock Keng Temple.


Drinks time.  Beers and cocktails on tap.

Then we are off to dinner, quite a spectacular one.


It was a fine day.

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