Dining Out in Tallinn, Estonia

12 04 2017

The final (and there wasn’t much other) dinner in Tallinn during my short visit to the capital city of Estonia turned out to be the highlight of the trip thanks to our Finnish host.  Blessed with good company and well-prepared, delicious dishes and lovely wines, everyone including yours truly was very content (read full).


Leib Resto & Aed


The KGB Hotel of Tallinn, Estonia

11 04 2017

It is quite unbelievable that Estonia and other Baltic states were all under Soviet rule until the early ’90s.  I cannot imagine the fear people lived under and the limited freedom they were allowed.

In the only hotel in Tallinn, Estonia where foreigners were allowed to stay during the Soviet regime, is the “KGB Museum“.  On the 23rd floor of the still working hotel were the secret KGB offices used to spy on guests.  Filled with memorabilia including one room where everything is left as the KGB left it, rooms have been turned into a museum.

Near the ticket booth of the museum, you find cynical and irritated Snicker bars which we thought was hilarious.

View from the 22nd floor balcony

The door to the stairs leading up to the secret 23rd floor. The museum sign reads “entrance” at the top but the bottom part in Estonian and Russian apparently says “Do not enter” as it said when the top floor was occupied by the KGB.

Old floor guide

Selfie point

Direct to Moscow line

Our funny and excellent guide

What the KGB left in chaos.

The hotel in its present day at night

The Tallinn Creative Hub – Kultuurikatel

9 04 2017

One of the venues of the convention I was at recently in Tallinn, Estonia was this former power plant, the home of Kultuurikatel or the Tallinn Creative Hub.

It looks like a factory or a construction site from the outside especially from where I was.

Inside quite a maze.

Lining up to get into the official opening reception of the convention.


The reception was followed by an anniversary party for one of our business associates.

Happy 15th.

A DJ set going on above in what remains to look like inside of an old factory.

Street Vendors of Chikan, Kaiping

8 03 2017

Maybe because it was during the Chinese New Year or maybe it was just another weekend crowd.  Either way, the town of Chikan in Kaiping, Guangdong Province, China was bustling with people and mostly food stalls trying to attract customers.

Lunching in George Town, Penang 2

25 01 2017

I went to this very busy and bustling eatery in George Town, Penang, Malaysia to try its highly-acclaimed “asam laksa“.





My asam laksa

Its “chendul” is also extremely popular and the line kept getting longer.

Eateries I Really Wanted to Try in George Town, Penang

6 01 2017

I was in George Town, Penang, Malaysia for only two days (or not even) and there was so much food I wanted to try.  I even made a point in not eating breakfast at my hotel because of the limited number of meals I could have during my brief stay.

This is a short list of eateries/food stalls I would have loved to eat at because they seemed busy and popular, mostly with locals, but which I did not have a chance to do.

Duck noodle place

Duck noodle place


It’s Malaysia. Muslim food would have to be great.

More Indian

More Indian



That oyster dish I really wanted to try.

Food court near my hotel. Went in search of breakfast w/o realizing it was a night market.

Food court near my hotel. Went in search of breakfast w/o realizing it was a night market.

Dining Out in Yangon

20 12 2016

For my final evening in Yangon, Myanmar, I was very fortunate to have the company of a young Myanmar lady Pinky who I was told had spent a lot of time visiting my aunt in Osaka on weekends with friends while she was attending college in the Japanese city.  I was amazed by her excellent Japanese and ecstatic for her taking me to a home cooking kind of restaurant, very popular with locals.  Let’s admit that Myanmar cuisine is not particularly sophisticated but the food here was amazingly tasty.

You can choose from the menu but you can also go up to the serving counter and choose your dishes.


After-meal sugar. Tasted like our "nikki" candy, something related to cinnamon.

After-meal sugar. Tasted like our “nikki” candy, something related to cinnamon.


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