Trier Eats

24 09 2017

From my day trip to Trier, Germany on one August day.

Wasn’t planning to but how can I pass a soft-serve?!

Local sparkling wine @ a pop-up shop in the middle of the main square. Wine manufacturers apparently take turns setting up shop throughout the year. All wines extremely reasonably priced.

Fast forward to the end of the day in Trier. Before returning to Luxembourg City, needed properly to try some local wines. This was a very good choice.

The restaurant had two separate rooms and entrances. This looked more like the front and was much more modern.  I was in the “back” room.


The Most Beautiful Church Organ

23 09 2017

I was awestruck by this organ at the cathedral in Trier, Germany.  So magnificent and intricate.  Would have been nice to have heard it being played!


Arriving in Trier, Germany

12 09 2017

It’s just an hour journey east from Luxembourg City to Trier, one of the oldest cities in Germany with multiple monuments pronounced as World Heritage Sites, on the local train.  It was a short walk from the train station to the historical and commercial center of the city marked by an ancient Roman gate, Porta Nigra.

And inside the gate, a very cute city center.


From Luxembourg City, Luxembourg to Trier, Germany

10 09 2017

Luxembourg is such a small country that borders are very close which was one of the reasons why I decided to visit it and its capital so that I could visit Trier, Germany, a historic city with multiple World Heritage sites.

So I took a day out of my stay in Luxembourg City to visit Germany.

The night before my trip, went to get train tix for the next day.

The next morning, I took one of the trains that left around 9:30 am.

My ride

Arriving in Trier just after one hour journey

Soft Served in June, 2016! (and New Nails!)

6 07 2016

The first soft serve I had outside of Japan that I thought was good.

In Berlin. Surprisingly good.

In Berlin. The yellow color is misleading but it was good vanilla.

Back in Tokyo.

Back in Tokyo.

And as for nails…

Have become addicted to floral patterns.

Have become addicted to floral patterns and peeps have been noticing, liking.

Random Berlin, Random Cannes

1 07 2016

I realized I didn’t have a lot of random shots that I hadn’t already used on my past posts from my recent business trip to Berlin, Germany and Cannes, France. A few here…

From Berlin, Germany to Cannes, France

20 06 2016

As was the case on my recent trip to Croatia, I was pleasantly surprised yet again in my hotel in Berlin that at the breakfast buffet, bubbles were offered which I gladly accepted the morning I was leaving for France.


My trip between Berlin and Nice was less than grand, taking the subway and the local bus to the east Berlin airport of Schönefeld and getting the easyJet flight out.  The airport experience was nothing to boast about but flying easyJet wasn’t bad at all.  The system works w/o much stress so good for them.


Boarding the good ol’ way.

Buying drinks on board. Got the two-bottle deal ^^

Buying drinks on board. Opted for the two-bottle deal ^^

Fast forward to Cannes via the Nice Cote d’Azur Airport where I was attending an industry convention.  I stayed in a hotel in Cannes for the first time in more than ten years this year as I preferred apartments to hotels in the past.  I chose a hotel this time for the convenience and the fact that the hotel I wanted to stay in was available which was never the case before.



The best feature of the hotel – an open bar every night for hotel guests.

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