To the Fish Market! in Guangzhou, China

20 03 2017

The fish market in Guangzhou, China is wholesale/retail put together.  It’s a wonder they were open during the Chinese New Year holidays when I went. Huge live turtles and shellfish as well as chopped crocodiles were the most impressive.  ^^



To Market! in Guangzhou, China

19 03 2017

I was very surprised to find this local retail market open on the new year’s day in Guangzhou, China during my recent visit.  It was in the afternoon and I don’t think everything was open so not a lot of action going on but still impressively stocked with meats, fish, and vegetables as well as more curious variety of creatures such as crocodiles, live snakes, and Chinese softshell turtles.

Street Vendors of Chikan, Kaiping

8 03 2017

Maybe because it was during the Chinese New Year or maybe it was just another weekend crowd.  Either way, the town of Chikan in Kaiping, Guangdong Province, China was bustling with people and mostly food stalls trying to attract customers.

Arriving in Guangzhou, China

1 02 2017

So I visited Guangzhou, China at the start of the Chinese New Year this past weekend.  I booked my trip w/o knowing it was the holiday season but discovered that was the case at the end of last year when I was visiting Penang, Malaysia from my Grab (equivalent of Uber) driver.

Anyway, as I arrived at CAN, decorations suggested celebrations were underway but in the city it was business as usual in some parts.

At the airport

In the cab


At my hotel

At dinner in a nearby shopping mall

At supermarket after dinner in the same shopping mall.  The incorrect Japanese on the packaging of the squid snack is beyond funny.

In my room at hotel after an OK day!


Happy Chinese New Year!!

Random George Town, Penang

30 01 2017

My last post on George Town, Penang, Malaysia with random random random photos (that I haven’t posted before) from the World Heritage town.










Cats in George Town, Penang

29 01 2017

I only saw three.  Or I might have seen one more but it must have gotten away before I had a chance to capture it on camera.

My cats of George Town, Penang, Malaysia.


More Colonial Buildings in George Town, Penang

23 01 2017

More houses and other colonial buildings in George Town, Penang, Malaysia including mansions, some restored and others in total abandonment.

And the mansions, the real big ones.






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