Konstantine the Cat

28 02 2015

He’s my bestie’s cat and he’s getting bigger…



Must be the sun.

Happy Cuban Valentine’s

27 02 2015

For the month of February, my friends and I chose “Cuba” as the theme for our culinary adventure in Tokyo.  Our dinner happened to fall on Valentine’s Day.

Cuban beer to start.

Cuban beer to start.

Followed by mojito of course.


There was music and dancing downstairs.

There was music and dancing downstairs.

Something on the house to wish us a happy Valentine.

Something on the house to wish us a happy Valentine.

We had our own little Valentine gift giving.

Happy times.

Ahi Nama Tokyo


The Miso Soup Specialist @ Kitte

23 02 2015

There is a very nice fashion-food-lifestyle shop complex called “Kitte” (meaning “stamp”) in front of the Tokyo Station where the original Central Post Office building used to stand.  The post office is still there and while they kept the old facade and a lot of the interior features, the building is now a high rise with shops and museums on the lower floors.

On the basement floor where there are many casual eateries and a food court, is a miso soup specialist called Misogen.  Visited for the first time the other day and enjoyed this huge bowl of salmon “kasujiru” (lees soup) made with “sake kasu” and miso most often served in winter.


So good on a cold day.  And only 215 calories.  I can get used to this and many other miso soups on the menu.

Me and Hotel Bars: the Second Choice Saga

22 02 2015

A few weeks ago I tried to visit the newly soft-opened Aman Hotel in Tokyo to visit its bar but could not.  (Was politely told you needed a reservation and that you couldn’t make one on the spot.  I was led to believe this will continue until the hotel fully opens in a couple of months or so.  The coffee shop is not even done yet.)  Though I did not exactly explain that in this post, where I ended up, the Palace Hotel bar, was my second choice.

The same thing happened to me two Fridays ago in pretty much the same neighborhood. I tried to go to the bar at the Four Seasons after seeing a movie.


As soon as I walked in the door I was asked where I was headed to to which I replied, “The bar,” and was apologetically told it was under renovation until April!  April!  How do you stay in a hotel w/o a bar?

Anyway went to my second choice, the Shangri-La, for the first time actually.  I knew it was going to be more glittery and somewhat gaudy and I didn’t need that on a Friday night but I was in need of some bubbles so…


Something I saw on the ladies’ wall.



Lunching in Ginza

21 02 2015

Was out for a business lunch in the Ginza district the other day with my American guests.  One of us being a vegetarian, was trying to go for tempura and while Ginza is known for its many tempura restaurants I just could not find the right one to reserve because they were either full, didn’t take lunch reservations, too far to walk to, or too pricey.  My alternative was to go to a soba place which often serves good tempura as side dishes.

I was so spot on.



My guest's assorted vegetable tempura dish with mostly Japanese vegetables.

My guest’s assorted vegetable tempura dish with mostly Japanese vegetables.

Sashimi for non-vegetarians.

Sashimi for non-vegetarians.

My soba-kakiage set lunch.

My soba-kakiage set lunch.

And they gave us a private room.  And our waitress was super nice.



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