One More Night of Entertainment and Dinner with S.

23 03 2015

One of my good friends from school whose base has long been Tokyo and Takarazuka because of the theatre she worked for has recently moved to Taipei but she still has much business in Tokyo and comes back.  During February and March she has been here and has had more time to spare than any years put together so we saw each other for the third time during her stay in the early part of March.  As with the first two times it was an evening of music followed by dinner, the best combo.

The entertainment for the night was a show at Billboard Live Tokyo with Kishi-Bashi, an inventive violinist-singer-and-songwriter with quirky pop songs.

Afterwards we went to Union Square Tokyo at Tokyo Midtown, in the same shopping complex as Billboard Live Tokyo.







They serve very pretty dishes.

Just outside the restaurant, rather tall bamboo trees add a nice Japanese touch.


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