Sunday Solo Dining

22 03 2015

This was somewhat unexpected.  I had to work from around 7:30 pm on a Sunday evening.  It was kind of drizzly and though I had an umbrella it was leaking (yes, leaking) and I was getting wetter and wetter.  Decided to take refuge in an Italian restaurant close to where I was supposed to go to as it was still early but by the time I got there I was soaking wet on my head (just my head becuz I did have an umbrella which protected me from the rain except that it didn’t stop the rain from falling on my head) and I looked like a wet rat or so I thought.

Though it was Sunday and I was just one the popular restaurant told me I could only stay until 7:30 pm.  Worked for me and after I explained what had happened as I knew I looked suspicious it did seem as though they felt sorry for me…


Sat at the counter.

It was great that they offered everything in “half portion”s.


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