The Rides in Budapest

6 10 2011

The public transportation network is pretty good in Budapest though it is in no way as extensive or advanced compared to what we have in Tokyo.  Our main means of transport while there was the tram and the three subway lines though we preferred the tram and one of the three subways over the other two.  The very retro Line 1 which apparently is the second oldest subway line in the world after London is quite lovely and we kept calling it the “Ginza Line” after the oldest subway line in Japan and which shares the theme color “yellow”.  (Line 2, the red line, we were calling the “Marunouchi Line” and Line 3, the blue line,  the “Tozai Line”, both after Tokyo subway lines because of the colors.  These two lines were the dirty kind.)

There is one funicular that goes up to the Old City that’s very short and the ride of which finishes in seconds.  It is solely for tourists and expensive but we rode it anyway.

We didn’t do any going up and down the River Danube but rode the tram that ran along the banks on both sides and loved it.

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