It’s the End of November and…

30 11 2011

A visit this past weekend at a friend’s mother’s house.

Chocoloate fondue with serious Belgian chocolate. Was unfortunate that I had had a big lunch prior and was unable to try everything. 😦

A whole forest of poinsettia with a nice pink color. This is actually just one tree, the small one I brought last Christmas, which grew and grew and grew, I was told...!

… Christmas is definitely approaching… … … … …

Brian McKnight @ Billboard Live Tokyo

29 11 2011

I LOOOOOOOOOVE this lead track from the new album which he played tonight as the final encore.

Christmas decoration @ Tokyo Midtown where Billboard Live is housed.

The Brasserie @ L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo et Yokohama

28 11 2011

Went to attend a farewell party for a friend at the above in Iidabashi tonight.  Very casual, no agenda (except for some words [not even speech] and live music from the friend and his colleagues – very enjoyable), and great paté and rillettes and other cold meaty stuff from the renowned brasserie at the institute.

Too dark to see but these were real food. Delish.

This booze container seems too big to be legal in Japan. ^^)/

Drinking away.

The wall outside the brasserie.

Good Honest Grub

27 11 2011

Went out to lunch today with a friend from college who is a vegetarian.  It’s not easy being a veggie in Japan if you need to eat out as most restaurants just do not cater to them and we use lots of fish-based stock in Japanese cooking.

In Tokyo, vegetarian restaurants tend to appear rather unJapanese perhaps because of the customers they cater to.

The cute little cafe-like restaurant we went to today was such a place.

Located on a very narrow residential street near Ebisu, this sign is positioned on nearby Meijidori and as you can see, the menu is not strictly vegetarian.

It's pretty clear that the place used to be someone's residence.


My avocado-turkey-bacon "the Cobbler Trio" sandwich. Was so good.

The dining area is upstairs and I think there were a couple of tables outside. As you go in, there is a small and very busy kitchen.

Good Honest Grub

Mint Lemonade

26 11 2011

They had a different name for the softdrink but I cannot remember what it was.  It’s basically a mixture of mint syrup (rather than a mint liqueur) and carbonated lemonade.

I probably would prefer one made with mint liqueur…

Aux Bacchanales

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