The Most Beautiful Church Organ

23 09 2017

I was awestruck by this organ at the cathedral in Trier, Germany.  So magnificent and intricate.  Would have been nice to have heard it being played!


Shakatak @ Billboard Live Tokyo

24 07 2012

Went to see the English pop-jazz band Shakatak last night @ Billboard Live Tokyo.  They were extremely popular in Japan in the ’80s and their popularity, although on a smaller scale, continues to this day and they keep coming back every year to perform live while releasing new albums and newly compiled greatest hits.  They played to a nearly packed house last night.

To listen to their biggest hit “Nightbirds”, go to, then to “Video Vault”, and click on the blurry stage image out of the five thumbnails listed.  It was filmed in Japan in 2005 with very good sound and visual quality and you cannot see this on youtube.

Tokyo Jazz 2011 Day 3

5 09 2011

The finale of this year’s Tokyo Jazz Festival was DMS featuring George Duke, Marcus Miller, and David Sanborn.  The three of them have never played together before going on the DMS tour although they have obviously performed often in differently combined pairs.

I cannot find any good (and preferably legal) footage on the web of this group so here is Marcus Miller on his “Tutu Revisited” tour.  David Sanborn last night played the trumpet part on his sax.

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