Kids of Luang Prabang, Laos

17 04 2016

I did not have direct contact with any of them until the last day when I went on a trip to the “caves” which to me seemed more like a tourist trap though for the Lao people, may not be so, difficult to tell.

Anyway, here they are, kids from and outside Luang Prabang, Laos.



The girls above were not as innocent as they may appear to be.  They tried to sell me a bag of old banana chips after deliberately getting on the same boat as me and I said no.  I asked to take a picture of them and they in turn asked for money so I immediately deleted the photo I had just shot of them.  I still wanted a photo of them so suggested that I buy the chips but that they would pose for me as well.  I wouldn’t dare pay them for just being in the photos.  I paid them what they asked for the banana chips which in hindsight was wrong.  I should have negotiated but these things tire me out when I’m on vacation trying to have fun…!!


A boy at a paper/souvenir store

Young monks crossing the river

Young monks crossing the river





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