Library Dining

31 08 2012

Within a walking distance from where we were staying in Riga, Latvia there was a lovely restaurant the theme of which was “library”.  My plan was to dine there in the evening and my friend and I went to check upon it during the day.

Biblioteka No. 1 is located in the oldest public garden, Vērmanes Garden, of Riga which has a very relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere.

It’s quite a big building and I guess could pass for a library.

We went back at 7:30 pm for our reservation. There was a party going on on the roof.

My herring. They were amazing. I wasn’t expecting this when I was reading the menu.

TV crew on location. They seemed Asian.

That would be my mother…

The Tram in Riga

30 08 2012

It’s what I didn’t ride on this trip and wish I had.

I love trams!

In Budapest

In Vienna

The retro tram!  I didn’t see this one.

Remains of the Past

29 08 2012

In all of the Baltic states, we were shown remains of the Soviet rule, sometimes in a form of apartment buildings that looked dull and uniform from the outside and which we were told it was the same inside and other times as monuments that the Baltic people decided to keep rather than demolish.

This is from Riga, Latvia.

This building to the Latvian people is apparently of no significance and they choose to not acknowledge its existence we were told because of its history although it stands out and looks grand to a regular tourist. It now houses the Latvian Academy of Sciences.

The Latvian Riflemen Monument.

The Museum of Occupation of Latvia which we were told by our guide is a very good museum and to which I should have gone but didn’t. The building was built to celebrate Lenin’s 100th birthday in the Soviet era.

The Latvian Academy of Sciences building

The Latvian Riflemen Monument and the Latvian Riflemen

The Museum of Occupation of Latvia

And here is something that means so much more to the Latvian people:  the Freedom Monument

A Russian Night Out

28 08 2012

This would be about time when I write about my Sunday cooking routine but since I didn’t cook this past Sunday due to various reasons, here is something else and it’s also a break from my Baltic tour report.

My friends and I tried this Russian restaurant in the middle of Roppongi last Friday and as soon as we had stepped inside, we knew that we had come to the right place because of its mostly-Russian-with-a-nice-mix-of-Japanese clientele in addition to the all-Russian staff.

We also tried the restaurant’s pirozhki which to many Japanese is synonymous with typical Russian food.

And here is the pirozhki I saw in Moscow at Aeroflot’s airport lounge, on my way home from the Baltics last week, which I was very tempted to try but decided against.

For me trying Russian at this time was very appropriate as well as I am reading a novel set in Moscow right now…


Relaxed Riga

26 08 2012

We spent three nights in Riga, Latvia which was one more night more than in Vilnius or in Tallinn and that seemed just right.

While it was a group tour, we had lots of free time which was nice as I had time to just walk on my own or do nothing if I so chose.

My hotel room in Riga. Spacious enough for one.

We decided on our arrival night in Riga to stay “home” to eat and home was the 26th floor bar overlooking the city of Riga.

And I wasn’t complaining about the view (though the less picturesque side) from the bar.

I am very partial to this animal. And he was apparently for sale, too. Wouldn’t have taken him home but I must admit he’s my type. ^^

And did you know, Riga was the first city to put up a Christmas tree in 1510?? (So we are told…)

Riga felt very relaxed and public gardens I think have a lot to do with that.

Just another day at the park.

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