Beautiful Subway Stations of Moscow: Arbatskaya

13 05 2013

Moscow has a very good subway system, Moscow Metro, with trains running what seems like every three minutes on every line which is more than what we have in Tokyo.  As in Tokyo, there does not seem to be any delays and millions of people use it everyday, so I have read.

And there are some stations with notably beautiful interiors and my guidebook and other literature I have come across recommended that one takes a tour of the Metro which is exactly what I set out to do one day having passed through this particular station the day before.

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It is so magnificently decorated that one would want to sit down and take in everything and you can easily do so by sitting in any one of the many seating areas, also beautifully decorated.  I did not have a chance to ask anyone but it appeared as though many Muscovites use platforms of subway stations as meeting points because I saw many either sitting or standing facing inward away from the tracks on either side, in the middle concourse and they looked as though they were waiting for someone w/o getting on the subway.


Carved Wood Ceilings and Walls, Morocco

13 02 2011

Found in mosques, Koranic schools, and palaces, they are stunningly beautiful.

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