Leaving on a Jet Plane

31 05 2016

My annual trip to Cannes is here.  Used to be in January and since last year in June and if I’m counting right, this would be my 25th year…

But my first stop is Berlin a stop I’m looking forward to as I have a little bit of off time though the weather forecast not looking great.


My flight on time

Seems my flight decided to take off earlier than scheduled. Good thing I am actually at the airport early.



April Sushi! Movies! and Music! All Packed in One

29 04 2016

Yes, I could go on eating sushi everyday actually…







So that covered the sushi bit.  Now the movies.  Wow.  So many good ones, new and old, deep and funny.

As for music, different genres, lots of in-stores.

For the funniness I choose this French film as my film of the month.

March Sushi in Tokyo!

2 04 2016

Apart from going to my regular sushi bar, there were a few spring-theme sushi varieties.

Chirashizushi with a "hinamatsuri" - girls' day theme.

Chirashizushi with a “hinamatsuri” – girls’ day theme.

Tuna tuna tuna!

Tuna tuna tuna!

Another "hinatatsuri"

Another “hinamatsuri”

"Ohanami" - cherry blossom viewing themed sushi box

“Ohanami” – cherry blossom viewing themed sushi box

January Sushi

7 02 2016

Fast, casual, and beautiful sushi in the month of January, 2016.

Lunching on the bullet train on my way to Nagoya. Bought at Tokyo Station.

Lunching on the bullet train on my way to Nagoya. Bought at Tokyo Station.

Just two of the several pieces of sushi I had at Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihonbashi, in a casual sushi bar at its underground floor food hall.

And my usual hang.  The monthly obligatory visit to Kozasa with my bestie.  Bliss.

A Belated Post About Music, Sushi, Soft Serves and Nails in the Month of December, 2015

14 01 2016

The musical activities.

One sushi night at my fave sushi joint.

A couple of soft serves to satisfy my addiction.

And nails for the holiday season.


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