Deconstructed Sukiyaki

24 01 2016

Here is a new kind of sukiyaki I experienced the other day in Ebisu.

Sukiyaki is a hot pot dish cooked at the table but this restaurant has “deconstructed” all ingredients including the broth and served them separately



The dipping sauce which is normally just raw egg came as a darker, strong soy-sauce based sauce with what seemed like an “onsen tamago“.

Interesting and the beef was tasty but the sauce was much too strong as sukiyaki sauce.




Sukiyaki Anyone?

17 12 2013

I was going to a dinner with friends and was asked by the one in charge of choosing a restaurant for the evening, “Would you rather have sukiyaki or shabu-shabu?”¬† I responded right away, “If it were up to me, definitely sukiyaki because while I sometimes have the opportunity to take guests out to shabu shabu I almost never get to go to sukiyaki though it’s my preferred hot pot dish.”

For the simple reason that sukiyaki is eaten by dipping the cooked ingredients into a bowl of raw beaten egg, people often choose shabu-shabu over sukiyaki. ¬†They don’t know what they’re missing.




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