Music! and Movies! in the Month of September, 2016

1 10 2016


And movies!!

Cannot say which one was my favorite but this one was surprisingly funny.  And I don’t even like unrealistic plots but this was OK.

Working in Singapore, Day 3

16 09 2016

Having performed my duty as a panelist the previous day, I had little worry for the final day of the convention I was attending in Singapore this week.  Started the day by going back to the food court inside Marina Bay Sands for an Indian breakfast.



Heard a few panels in the morning.  Insightful.


And then it was already time for my lunch meeting.  I insisted we had to go somewhere where there was Tiger Beer on tap.  My wish was granted.

Two more meetings at my hotel in the afternoon and then it was cocktail hour at the “Long Bar” at the Raffles Hotel, the home of “Singapore Sling“.  I had the slightly different “Sling 1887” which had sparkling wine in the mix.

Decided to dine at the hotel.



Lemmongrass jelly. Very nice.

Souvenir shopping at the hotel’s gift shop.


Walking back to my hotel a couple of blocks away which was tricky because of all the road blocks due to the scheduled Formula One.

Fast forward to the next morning at 4:00 am, arriving at the Changi Airport for my 5:50 am flight which got pushed forward to 5:35 am.

Good week!


Working in Singapore, Day 2

15 09 2016

I heard the rain in the early hours of the morning of my Day 2 in Singapore and this was the view when I woke up.


Time to work and getting to the venue of the convention I am attending, I decided to walk from my hotel which I was told took about 20 minutes.  Luckily, the temperature has been on the low side for where we are, and that encouraged me to do the walk.  Turned out to be rather neat because of the scheduled Formula One Grand Prix this weekend. For one thing, they had closed major roads.

Walking on the bridge from one end of the Marina Bay to the other.

After attending one panel, I decided to go for brunch at the food court inside the shopping mall.

Heard a couple of more panels, did a meeting, and got ready for the panel I was participating in as a speaker.  The conference venue was moving to another building at the ArtScience Museum within the Marina Bay Sands complex.  I don’t have any pics of the panel I was in so posting one of the other panels’.

Stayed on for all the panels in the afternoon and then it was time to get to a cocktail party somewhere in town.  Decided to walk.

Passing through the Telok Ayer Market‘s food court.

And on my way to my destination on the Ann Siang Hill in Chinatown, browsing the Peranakan buildings and the Thian Hock Keng Temple.


Drinks time.  Beers and cocktails on tap.

Then we are off to dinner, quite a spectacular one.


It was a fine day.

Working in Singapore, Day 1

14 09 2016

Attending an industry convention in Singapore for the first time, I made my way to the convention venue from my hotel on the very clean, empty, and cold (from air conditioning) subway of Singapore, MRT.

And arriving at the convention venue inside Marina Bay Sands.

A glass of Champagne with a good friend before heading to the YouTube cocktail party.



After conferences, meetings, catching ups, a friendly dinner with Australians and a Canadian.  And I did not catch the name of the Singaporean fusion restaurant but it was about a 10-minute drive from where we were, in a rather secluded and woody area of town and situated inside a small hotel.

And finishing the day in my room with something I picked up at duty free in Tokyo.

Arriving in Singapore and Breakfasting Local Style

13 09 2016

Landed in Singapore very late Monday night and checked into this gigantic hotel, the kind I would normally not stay in, in the Marina Bay area, at around 12:30 am.

Arriving in Singapore. It's a 24-hour airport and immigration is busy but efficient at about midnight.

Arriving in Singapore. It’s a 24-hour airport and immigration is busy but efficient at about midnight.

The view from my floor

The view from the hallway of my floor


Bedside light. Pretty.

Bedside light. Pretty.

Breakfast this morning at a local fast food joint. Spicy popiah. Very good.

Breakfast this morning at a local fast food joint. Spicy popiah. Very good.


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