Random Nouméa, New Caledonia

10 01 2016

From my very brief trip to the Southern Hemisphere France at the end of 2015.










The Final Dinner in Nouméa, New Caledonia

9 01 2016

I could be writing about the “last lunch” but it was so bad that I am foregoing it.  ^^

The last dinner, on the other hand, was quite fab, which took place in a Vietnamese restaurant.

Not sure that we would have found the duck dish in Viet Nam, our main, but it was truly tasty.  Happy before taking off on our return journey to Tokyo.  🙂


Out to the Duck Island

8 01 2016

Our final morning in Nouméa, New Caledonia was spent getting out to the “Duck Island“.





Our destination. Closer than it appears to the eye.

We have arrived!

We have arrived!

My friend went snorkeling and saw a turtle apart from other various kinds of fish swimming about.  I saw the video she took of the turtle.  I mostly sat around on the beach.  Saw some fish while swimming around.  Snorkeling proved not too great for me (similar to what I experienced years ago in Thailand) due to my short-sightedness.

Our return journey, a five-minute ride back to the main island.

Dinner @ Le Miretti Gascon

6 01 2016

Said to be the oldest restaurant (really?) in Nouméa is Le Miretti Gascon, situated very close to where we were staying. Our second dinner in the capital city of New Caledonia was at this wonderful restaurant.

Le Miretti Gascon by day

Le Miretti Gascon by day

Le Miretti Gascon by night

Le Miretti Gascon by night

Surprise!  The crowd was decidedly almost all Japanese partly due to the early hour I suppose though not by Japanese standard.

These photos do not do justice.

We went there for the seafood and were thoroughly satisfied by what we had.   🙂

Breakfast, Lunch, a Walk, a Swim, and Jacuzzi Time in Nouméa, New Caledonia

5 01 2016

My friend went for a dive in the morning and I went out for breakfast.  Again with the timing experience, the boulangerie I was headed to was closed for the holidays.  Ended up in a casual cafe, totally French, but oh so pricey.


My friend returned and we went out for lunch in the Baie des Citrons.  Just walked up to this restaurant which served great food.  Bliss.


A nice walk back to the hotel.



Decided that some beach life was in order.



Back at the hotel, hopped into the pool and the jacuzzi.

A very good day and we were very looking forward to dinner!!

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