Another Election Day

24 04 2011

So I walked on streets I wouldn’t otherwise.

It was such a nice day but this guy may not have thought so…


Cat looking away.

A “salon” for dogs about 50 steps away. ^^

Top Dogs.

Post Box

14 04 2011

The shape is of old Japanese post boxes but colors not.

It’s on the premises of a firm (what they do, I don’t know) in my neighborhood.


I wonder if they bought the thing from the post office and repainted but the post office being bureaucratic, not sure if that would’ve been possible but then again recycling is better than scrapping…  And do they actually use this to receive mail…??

Weeping Cherry Tree

11 04 2011

I drive by this temple near where I live often and have always wanted to take a picture of the beautiful weeping cherry tree when it’s in full bloom.  I walked by it yesterday on my way to cast a vote.

It wasn’t quite the “full bloom” I was looking for but it was still beautiful.

The entrance gate to Ichigyouin

Looking at the cherry tree through the gate

The weeping cherry tree of Ichigyouin. The picture looks cloudy because my lens has been scratched. 😦

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