Spending the Day with Anna & Michel in LA

13 07 2017

During my recent brief visit to Los Angeles, I had made a point to see a friend or more a work associate who became a very good friend.  I had enough time on the Saturday I was there when Anna and her husband Michel made time for me to go out for lunch followed by an unplanned shopping expedition and a visit to their lovely home.

Eating Out in Tokyo, September, 2015

4 10 2015

I realized I had none of my “Tokyo eats” up from last month so here we go with a whole collection including sushi and other Japanese, Italian, French, Taiwanese, Moroccan, etc.  One very special meal I did with a visiting US friend deserves a separate post so saving that for later.

To start off, a very good fish restaurant in Shibuya I went to for the first time.

My regular sushi joint in Daizawa, Setagaya-ku.

A casual impromptu gathering with friends after the Tokyo Jazz Festival in Yurakucho.

A quiet night out with an LA-residing English friend in Hiroo.

A birthday party with six girls, a happy bunch.

A sushi lunch in Shibuya.


An amazing Taiwanese dinner in Ikenoue as part of our “eating around the world in Tokyo” project with my two very good friends.

More sushi in Daizawa this time with parents in celebration of the “Respect for the Aged Day”, a holiday people rarely celebrate but they found a reason to.  ^^

The very special dinner I mentioned above which will be a future post.


This was supposed to be an Italian dinner but it was a bit questionable which was too bad.  In Gaienmae.

A surprisingly good pizzeria in Roppongi for a pre-Manhattan Transfer show dinner.

A Moroccan lunch in Nishiazabu.


A (ful)filling month!

A Moroccan Night in Tokyo

31 07 2015

The tiny and popular restaurant on a narrow covered shopping alley in Sangenjaya near the subway station of the same name was more a “Moroccan restaurant in Paris” type and offered good wines with sophisticated Moroccan dishes.  Very fun.




Dar Roiseau

Twilight Indian

25 06 2013

I love dining and drinking and seeing the dusk set in at the same time.

From my other post a couple of days ago.


But that’s not so easy to achieve in Tokyo where at the height of summer, it gets almost completely dark at as early as 7 pm so you would have to start earlier than that if you want to see the sun set.

So on a late Sunday afternoon last month, I chose this Indian restaurant at Tokyo Midtown that has a view to meet up with a good friend.  And I would add that we both love Indian food.


I have to admit that I actually prefer the regular, more down-to-earth Indian than this upscale dining. ^^

Nirvana New York

A French Bistro with a Moroccan Touch in Tokyo, a Second Visit

23 06 2013

I liked this restaurant in Nakameguro for the ambiance, service, location, pricing, and of course the food, so went back for the second time last month.  We ordered the same “family style prix fixe menu” but chose almost entirely different dishes so that was fun.  However, my food pix didn’t come out right this time so here we are with more of the ambiance and what we drank.












We tend to be about quantity over quality…

Bistro Khamsa

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