Eating Out in Hanoi

9 11 2015

So back to my posts about Hanoi, Viet Nam, from early October.

After taking a day trip to Ha Long Bay, I got back to the city and my hotel at about 8:30 pm as scheduled.  I soon went out again to visit the night market which wasn’t very interesting and off to get something light to eat.  I found a great noodle place busy with locals.

Sat down and ordered what had become my usual brand.

Sat down and ordered what had become my usual brand.





I had the wonton noodles.

I had the wonton noodles.

Everyone gone.

Everyone gone.

A typical Vietnamese dining experience.

Typical Vietnamese dining experience.

It’s fast food but great.

People in the Park in Sofia, Bulgaria

8 09 2015

So I am back to writing a bit more about my trip to Sofia, Bulgaria.

My visit having been in the summer, the days were long and everyday it was quite hot, around 30C, when the sun was out.  In the evening it cooled down to more comfortable levels and that’s when people started to come out to the parks.  And they did so in big and small groups of all ages, families and friends, young adults often drinking out of big bottles of beer (I think), after purchasing in nearby stores.  Kids were doing homework.  Lots of baby strollers.  Students in big groups talking, smoking, drinking.  Overall very busy.

And there were serious chess games going on (which seemed to start early in the afternoon).


Do you see the clock?







Very peaceful.


Spanish Fast Food Arrives in Tokyo

10 11 2014

Got together with a work-related friend from the Spanish Embassy and another work-related friend who is very much into cante flamenco at a newly-opened pinchos/tapas chain originally from near Barcelona.


A little more than fast food in that they serve cold and warm dishes, which seemed somewhat bigger than “tapas” size, apart from the pinchos, as well as a wide variety of alcohol.

They ring this bell whenever a new batch of hot pinchos becomes available and ready to be served.  Quite disturbingly noisy. ^^

They ring this bell whenever a new batch of hot pinchos becomes available and ready to be served. Quite disturbingly noisy. ^^

Recent Obento Lunch Boxes

11 12 2013

It’s not everyday but sometimes I try to buy Japanese “obento” boxes for lunch just to have more fun eating at my desk in the office.

Conger eel obento

Conger eel bento

Organically grown veg and other bento

Organically grown veg and egg and something else bento

Tuna in sushi obento

Tuna sushi bento

Possibly the Most Beautiful McDonald’s is in Budapest

17 10 2011

I guess these days the so-called “McCafe”s managed by McDonald’s are the life-style and style conscious version of the fast food chain though I don’t really know for sure as I never go to McDonald’s or the other version when I’m in Tokyo.

We knew there was one McDonald’s that was supposed to be housed in an elegant old building that was worth visiting in Budapest but since we neglected to do our homework, we didn’t know exactly where we could find it or how it was significant.

So we were pleasantly surprised when we visited the Budapest Nyugati pályaudvar, the “West” railway station, which we read was designed and built by the Eiffel Company, the same people that built the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Budapest Nyugati pályaudvar

It was when we were entering the building that we saw the M sign.

Note the yellow M.

We went in and exclaimed, “This is it!”

It is quite stunningly beautiful. This is taken from the balcony opposite the entrance.

Downstairs is your regular "McDonald's" and upstairs is "McCafe".

The lamps which are obviously new add a very warm feel to the place.

We opted for McCafe.

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