Dinner in Cesky Krumlov

30 05 2011

Having arrived in Cesky Krumlov (http://bit.ly/jyBxtM) sometime after 7 pm on Friday, May 6, we took a quick tour of the area around our hotel.

Our lovely little hotel on a lovely little street.

View of the castle tower from our street. This was actually taken the following morning.

Czech Pilsner - always good and cheaper than water!

We ate in a rather interesting hotel restaurant with a medieval theme.  Won’t go into details but we saw a group of Chinese tourists dressed in period costumes having dinner…  The food was good.

So at last in Cesky Krumlov.

Czech-ing Out the Beer

17 10 2010

A Czech beer night with homemade Czech food at a friend’s who’s just returned from a trip to the Czech Republic.

It’s the land of beer.  From my trip to Prague in October, 2009.

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