Wrapping Up 2014!

31 12 2014

I am at the airport in Manila, the Philippines, waiting for my flight back to Tokyo.  Been busy or had little internet connection so days have gone by although I wanted to write daily about my trip.  But since it’s December 31, I’m going to do a wrap of the year 2014.

When I finished writing the above, it was time to board.  So I am back in my apartment in Tokyo before I leave for my parents’ for the new years.

January:  It became the final January to be attending the industry convention in Cannes, France I have been going to for the last 22 years although I did not know that at the time.  From 2015, it will be held in June when it’s supposed to be warm and sunny.  It also was the last time my best friend and I would rent an apartment together in Cannes, though we did not know that at the time either, as my friend got transferred to another group company in August.

February:  The Cannes trip lasted into the first week of February after which time I took advantage of my location to visit Monte Carlo, Monaco for the first time.  It rained throughout my short stay.

March:  At the end of March, I decided to visit another region with casinos, Macau, though it was just by coincidence.  Again, heavy rain at times but I was pleasantly surprised by the interesting mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences as I had been told otherwise – that Macau is small and it’s good only if you like gambling – not true.

April and May:  From the end of April and the first week of May, paid a visit to Boston, Massachusetts, US of A, upon request by my aging parents, where we used to live in the ’70s.  Met new and old friends, went to where we lived, places we used to visit, a perfect trip down the memory lane.

June:  Since I got rid of my cable TV subscription I started going to movie theaters again and probably during the month of June was when I went to see the most number of films.  This is the list.

July:  Almost every month my two good friends and I get together to eat different cuisines of the world and we always try to go to a new region except that in November we do French because of “Beaujolais nouveau” and in December we do “Christmas”.  This year we ate around the world by going to Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Chile, India, and Myanmar.  In July it was Chile at Mr. Eduardo’s.  His empanada which he made in front of us from scratch, as well as everything else, was beautiful.

August:  For my summer vacation I chose Poland as the place to visit and when I mentioned this to my German friend living in Berlin, she insisted I come and visit her as well.  So I did.  Warsaw, Krakow, and Berlin in ten days.

September:  A major change in my bathroom which I had been reluctant to do because I liked the design of the old one but it was getting too dangerous to not change.  Now completely updated, typically Japanese toilet installed and because of that, I was once again able to have guests at my place for the first time in a long time.

October:  My birthday month and celebration was to be had.

November:  My two most favorite musical groups, the Manhattan Transfer and New York Voices, were in town at the same time which interestingly enough gave me an opportunity to visit the Tsukiji Market for the first time.  Feeling very blessed.

December:  Finally a trip to the Philippines, Manila and Vigan, after offices closed for the new year holidays.  Things unexpected happened which I shall write about in the new year as I sort out my photos.

Hope more good things to come in 2015.  Happy and peaceful new year to all.

A Feast at Eduardo’s, #2

30 07 2014

Continuing with the Chilean dinner at Eduardo’s, I give you Eduardo himself cooking up his traditional empanadas.



Beautiful and yum.

Beautiful and yum.

La Casa de Eduardo


A Feast at Eduardo’s, #1

28 07 2014

The theme for our “eat the world in Tokyo” project this month took us to Chile.  You’d think there would be plenty of Chilean restaurants in the big city with all the Chilean wines we get, this seems to be the only one and it’s not even very well known.  But it was a surprise hit.


When we arrived at 5 pm on a very hot Saturday evening, Ed was about to begin his daily routine of making his homemade empanadas.  I will come back to that later as that was the last thing served although we watched the whole process of their creation.

So how everything worked here was we could do a la carte but the easy thing was to tell Ed if we wanted meat, fish, vegetables and which kind, he would just suggest this and that and all of us could do an all-you-can-eat-and-drink menu for a very low price.  We said that was fine, bring it on, and on he did.

This simple salad was soooo good.

This simple salad was soooo good.

Our bird!  A whole bird!

Our bird! A whole bird!

The food just kept coming and Ed was ready to serve more but we still had empanadas to cover so we politely declined.  More to follow from La Casa de Eduardo.

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