Under the Cherry Blossoms

8 04 2011

This is from last night.  Very different from any other year.  Firstly, no long-term planning.  Secondly, the whole area was quiet with just a few groups of people.  Thirdly, it was dark.  Going forward, I think I would prefer that.

Hanami food

The four of us finished the bottle.

Full bloom.

Where we were.

Tandoori Chicken Salad

31 03 2011

Today’s lunch.  The chicken was surprisingly good. 😀

Tandoori Chicken Salad @ Rigoletto


So Tired

16 02 2011

Yes, I was by the end of the day yesterday which started out with an early lunch meeting at a hotel in Shinjuku so early that I wasn’t going to get proper lunch but something inbetween and settled on a strawberry parfait.

In the evening went to check out lovely Halie Loren performing at the Cotton Club.

Followed by a dinner meeting in Marunouchi in an appropriately named restaurant.


Two Rooms Grill

20 10 2010

Had wanted to try the place out for some time now.

The starter Caesar salad is huge (or looks it).

Tiny soft-shell crab wraps.  Quite a dramatic contrast.


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