Honey in Bulgaria

11 09 2015

During my stay in Sofia, Bulgaria, I saw a lot of honey being sold in markets and other stores.  I also saw from the ride between Sofia and the Rila Monastery what looked like honey farms in several villages.


@ Jenski Pazar, the “Women’s Market” in Sofia


More from Jenski Pazar

I bought a few jars to take home for friends and family in a shop in a residential neighborhood near my apartment in central Sofia.  The ones I bought were not labeled and looked like homemade.



This shop had other goodies as well.






About Bulgaria and its honey

Bulgarian Pastry

30 08 2015

I thought that a Bulgarian pastry was what I had bought at this boulangerie in Sofia, Bulgaria.  What I wanted to get was “banitsa“, a Bulgarian filo pastry. While writing this post, I’ve come to a realization that that may not have been what I got.  They look too different from the banitsas I see on the web…





So the establishment is called “Patiesserie de Provence” and its website implies that it’s all French at least visually to me.  Did I get a French pastry?  I don’t think so.  Pictures of “banitsa” I have found on the web do not look like what I had though.



From the bag I could tell that this was the company that owned and/or ran the boulangerie.

I liked what I had in any event but any clue anyone…

To Supermarket! in Sofia

25 08 2015

The first place I went to after arriving in Sofia, Bulgaria was this supermarket nearby my apartment.


Open 24 hours, it was a little more than a convenience store, a little less than a supermarket.

A couple of days later, stopped by another shop run by the same peeps.

A couple of days later, stopped by another shop run by the same peeps to pick up this retro looking can of “sprats” to be garnished with scallions which the Bulgarians seem to use quite a lot.


Another bigger supermarket (had the wrong impression that it was Dutch as I thought I saw many of them in Amsterdam but it is apparently an Austrian chain), in the subway station near my apartment.

I LOVE supermarkets.


To Market! in Sofia

23 08 2015

I initially only found this smaller covered market, the Central Sofia Market Hall or Tsentralni Hali, in the very center of Sofia, Bulgaria.



Upstairs of the two-story market was occupied by a drug store where the number of detergents and other soap kind of product was overwhelming.

And a couple of days later, I found (as I was not reading closely enough) this market, Zhenski Pazar (Women’s market), the one I should have gone to in the first place.  It was towards the end of the day so it wasn’t that busy and I’m not sure that all the shops were there but it was fun.

Where I bought a couple of eggplants. I would’ve gone for the white one as that is rare in Japan but they looked too ripe and the guy selling them said I shouldn’t.

And I bought blueberries after tasting other kinds as well.

The eggplants I bought.

The eggplants I bought. The marble one tasted amazing with lots of flavor when I simply grilled it on the pan with sirene cheese, the most popular kind of Bulgarian cheese, similar to feta.

And the blueberries which were delish just as they were or with yoghurt.

And the blueberries which were delish just as they were or with yoghurt.

Wining in Sofia

18 08 2015

One of the aspects of Bulgaria I was looking forward to while visiting Sofia was drinking local wines.  While it is a wine producing country, its wines do not seem to travel our way much and while I’m sure I could find some Bulgarian wines in Tokyo, I would have to go and look for them.

I was happy to learn that wines (as well as harder liquors) are sold pretty much everywhere, in 24-hour operated supermarkets, kiosks, and of course wine shops just like in Tokyo.







Once was given a wrong wine!!

Once was given a wrong wine!!





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