All-on-One-Plate Lunch

6 04 2011

I guess it’s a popular way to serve lunch in Japan just like a bento box with a little of everything in one.

Today at lunch.

Cabbage and baby leaf salad, penne with ham and tomato sauce, quiche, avocado and shrimps

As this was a cafe attached to a boulangerie, it came with a basketful of great bread (and butter).

Bread bread bread

Grannies’ Harajuku

2 04 2011

I live close by Sugamo, two stops on the subway or about half an hour walk away, where it’s otherwise known as “Grannies’ Harajuku”, the favorite shopping spot for ladies over, um, a certain age.

Returned to the shopping street today for the first time in several years.

The main gate at the Sugamo Jizodori Shopping Street

Inside the shopping street which gets closed for pedestrians during certain hours. It gets busier on the 4th, 14th, and the 24th of each month with more stalls along the road.


The street is filled with sweets and rice cracker shops, dried fish and other marine produce shops, as well as the "boutiques".

Jizo-shaped rice crackers. Love the old-fashioned ribbon they used to tie the bag.

Koganji Temple, known as the temple for Togenuki Jizo

Loads of fun guaranteed just walking and watching the people and the shops.

More info.

Moroccan Markets

7 02 2011

Some are touristy, others cater to the locals.  From Fes,  Marrakech and Essaouira.

Life in Cannes 2011, Day 1

24 01 2011

Breakfast in apartment.

Getting to work!

Lunch @ the best Italian joint in Cannes.

Coming out of the Carlton Hotel after a meeting.  The Martinez Hotel @ night.

Finishing the day off in the apartment…

Lunch Trip

20 12 2010

Had a lunch appointment between my office and our branch office, about 20 minutes apart from each other on foot.

It’s nice to sometimes walk a bit and go a little further than usual to try the shop you had been wanting to try or that you never knew existed.

Had some curry here:

And bought some bread here:

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