The Rooftop Garden – More Apartment Life in NYC

31 03 2012

It was a beautiful morning yesterday and knowing that there were alerts out for some not-so-great weather over the weekend, I decided that it was time to go up to the rooftop of my apartment building to enjoy the view.

If I remember correctly, it is 26 stories high.

Public lounge at the rooftop.

The cafe on the 1st floor:  La Bergamote

The wine bar across the street in the south tower of the same apartment complex:  Ardesia

Archstone Clinton Apartments

I wish my stay were more permanent.  Regrettably, I am leaving the city tomorrow.

A Reunion with Arakawa-Sensei!

17 02 2012

I was invited to attend a reunion of sort by my upper-class friend from high school with mostly her classmates and our Japanese language teacher last Sunday.

I went to an international school in Tokyo at which the rule was that our spoken language in school was English and English only except in language classes.  Many of us were so-called “returnees” – Japanese kids who have spent time abroad because their parents moved to countries or regions outside of Japan and returned after a few or in many cases many years – whose Japanese can be rather pathetic.  We have our sensei to thank for having survived the Japanese society after graduation so it was great catching up with her after all these years.

The reunion was held at the friend’s parents’ house.

Danish Lunch

8 06 2011

It’s quite amazing how a local bakery based originally in Hiroshima ( has grown to be a nationally recognized chain and has made the Danish name “Andersen” famous in Japan though the Japanese always have had a thing for the Danish author “Andersen”.

The Andersen boulangerie near my office incorporates a proper restaurant.  @ lunch today.

Very tasty mushroom soup (and all-you-can-eat bread).

One of my two open sandwiches - smørrebrød - herring marinated in curry sauce

The second open sandwich - shrimps and boiled egg with a pink sauce.

They have a more casual cafe downstairs in the basement.  If you like eating bread, Tokyo is the place to live (and I don’t necessarily mean because of this shop but because of the standard of bread we have in the city).  Even Parisians say so.

To Market in Vienna!

20 05 2011

I love going to markets including supermarkets whenever I’m visiting another country.  Vienna’s biggest market is Naschmarkt.  (

This is the "end" of the market which I visited on a Tuesday afternoon, around 4 or 5 pm. The stalls at this end appeared to be more temporary as they were packing up.

The following day, we went back earlier in the day and walked all the way to the “beginning” of the market at the other end.

A vinegar stand!!

I was surprised to find many shops with humus and other Middle Eastern dishes and halal meat shops.  As is always the case, eateries looked very tempting but we stayed away as it wasn’t the right time of day.

Under the Cherry Blossoms

8 04 2011

This is from last night.  Very different from any other year.  Firstly, no long-term planning.  Secondly, the whole area was quiet with just a few groups of people.  Thirdly, it was dark.  Going forward, I think I would prefer that.

Hanami food

The four of us finished the bottle.

Full bloom.

Where we were.

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