In Marseille, France, in a Room with a View

27 06 2017

Earlier in June, I did my annual trip to Cannes, France for the 25th time.  On the way in, I stopped by Marseille for the first time for some fun and business (well, mostly fun).

Arriving in the evening, I was pleased with my lovely hotel room with a view.  It started pouring as soon as we went out for dinner but soon we were greeted by a rainbow.  Dinner was nice and light.  The walk back to the hotel was very pleasant.

Hotel facade

Notable guests of the past

A rhum-only honesty bar in the lobby

Waiting for the Gozo-Malta Ferry with a Cold One

29 05 2017

The day I went out to the island of Gozo in Malta at the beginning of May was a very sunny and warm day (like most days in Malta).  By the time I was ready to take the ferry back, I was in dire need of something cold to drink.

My advance research paid off and I duly spotted the Gleneagles Bar right on the harbor.

The Tallinn Creative Hub – Kultuurikatel

9 04 2017

One of the venues of the convention I was at recently in Tallinn, Estonia was this former power plant, the home of Kultuurikatel or the Tallinn Creative Hub.

It looks like a factory or a construction site from the outside especially from where I was.

Inside quite a maze.

Lining up to get into the official opening reception of the convention.


The reception was followed by an anniversary party for one of our business associates.

Happy 15th.

A DJ set going on above in what remains to look like inside of an old factory.

Glögg to Go

3 04 2017

Under the beautiful but bitterly cold sky of Tallinn, Estonia, “glögg to go” seemed like the perfect idea.

In a coffee cup with a straw. Brilliant.

The Bar @ White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou, China

9 02 2017

Whenever I go away on a trip I try to visit the most classy hotel of where I’m staying and have a drink at its bar.

White Swan Hotel is Guangzhou’s premier luxury hotel.  Visited its bar during my brief stay in Guangzhou, China.


I found on this trip that Chinese beer in general is very weak, weaker than the so-called “light beer” which is not great.



Didn’t think it was going to be a modern high rise but yes it was.

They gave me this as souvenir.

They gave me this as souvenir.

Its service was nice but otherwise not great.  The little shrimp dish I ordered thinking it was going to be Chinese was an imitation of something Italian but not anything close…!

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