Dining Out in Berlin with Antje

19 06 2016

Antje is one of my very good friends I met through work years ago.  She lives in Berlin and I visited her a couple of summers back while on holiday.

This time, I saw her to ask for help with work, suggestions and recommendations in the German market.  The meeting went on for good hour and a half after which time we headed out for a bite to eat.

Antje always takes me to restaurants with a twist.

Antje always takes me to restaurants with a twist.

This is actually part of a club next door to the restaurant in the same complex.

This is actually part of a club next door to the restaurant in the same complex.

This is us.


My Wiener Schnitzel was fabulous and huge.



April Eats in Tokyo

26 04 2014

I was busy posting my Macau trip stories for the past month but there has been life in Tokyo.  Here is some of what I consumed during the month of April…  Yum…





To Market in Vienna!

20 05 2011

I love going to markets including supermarkets whenever I’m visiting another country.  Vienna’s biggest market is Naschmarkt.  (http://www.tourmycountry.com/austria/naschmarktwagner.htm)

This is the "end" of the market which I visited on a Tuesday afternoon, around 4 or 5 pm. The stalls at this end appeared to be more temporary as they were packing up.

The following day, we went back earlier in the day and walked all the way to the “beginning” of the market at the other end.

A vinegar stand!!

I was surprised to find many shops with humus and other Middle Eastern dishes and halal meat shops.  As is always the case, eateries looked very tempting but we stayed away as it wasn’t the right time of day.

Eating in Vienna – the Austrian Way

14 05 2011

Enjoying Austrian food in Vienna.  😀

Traditional Wiener Schnitzel - what I obviously chose first!

Wiernerwurst with mustard and a typical Austrian bun

... and Sauerkraut

Don't think this is typically Austrian but I saw so a lot of white asparagus in the market. These came with two different sauces - oily or creamy.

What was served as "Austrian noodles" with caramelized cabbage.

Goulash soup with bun

All so good.

Drinking in Vienna

13 05 2011

Coffee vs. wine.  I’d take wine anytime but as reported, I just had to do Viennese coffees (with liqueurs) as well.  But here are all the wines (and a beer) I enjoyed on this trip.

As I was drinking by myself most of the time, all the wines came by the glass except for when we went out with my friend from high school/college and her husband.

Here we go.

This was the one night when we opened a whole bottle of wine with friends living in Vienna.

And it was a Croatian fish restaurant. Very good food.

The Croatian restaurant:


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