Working in Singapore, Day 2

15 09 2016

I heard the rain in the early hours of the morning of my Day 2 in Singapore and this was the view when I woke up.


Time to work and getting to the venue of the convention I am attending, I decided to walk from my hotel which I was told took about 20 minutes.  Luckily, the temperature has been on the low side for where we are, and that encouraged me to do the walk.  Turned out to be rather neat because of the scheduled Formula One Grand Prix this weekend. For one thing, they had closed major roads.

Walking on the bridge from one end of the Marina Bay to the other.

After attending one panel, I decided to go for brunch at the food court inside the shopping mall.

Heard a couple of more panels, did a meeting, and got ready for the panel I was participating in as a speaker.  The conference venue was moving to another building at the ArtScience Museum within the Marina Bay Sands complex.  I don’t have any pics of the panel I was in so posting one of the other panels’.

Stayed on for all the panels in the afternoon and then it was time to get to a cocktail party somewhere in town.  Decided to walk.

Passing through the Telok Ayer Market‘s food court.

And on my way to my destination on the Ann Siang Hill in Chinatown, browsing the Peranakan buildings and the Thian Hock Keng Temple.


Drinks time.  Beers and cocktails on tap.

Then we are off to dinner, quite a spectacular one.


It was a fine day.

Food Stalls @ Night in Luang Prabang

10 04 2016

I really wanted to buy from one or more of these stalls but I had a big lunch earlier in the day and it was still around 6 pm when I visited this section of Luang Prabang so decided against getting anything despite my desire.


A Mini Reunion of Friends in Tokyo

5 04 2016

This happened on a March Saturday afternoon at my bestie’s when one of our high school classmates was visiting from Bangkok, Thailand.  What a blast with great food, drinks, and company.

As always we are greeted by him.

As always we are greeted by him.

Happy Hiroo Dining

30 01 2016

My bestie and I were invited to dine with someone we know from a “wining group” last week in our old school neighborhood of Hiroo.

The restaurant was so inconspicuous I passed by it the first time, walked back, still had doubts, but finally found it and went through the door.

The entrance to the restaurant

The entrance to the restaurant which is like a private residence

Everything had been pre-arranged and I had no complaints.


Kuou S


Girls’ Reunion!

29 01 2016

It was a girls’ reunion with ex and current colleagues last week.  One of them I probably had not seen in more than 15 years while I get together with a couple of them on a monthly basis.  In any event, it was like the old days and fun fun fun all around.



We were eight.  A couple of us including myself are not pictured.

Happy almost 30 years of knowing each other (for me and I was the youngest)!

A Mini Reunion at June’s

12 12 2015

The last time I was at my bestie’s was for this sashimi party.  A few weeks later I was back with more friends from our middle/high school days for a mini reunion and also to drink this bottle of bubbly that I had won in a lucky draw (yes, very lucky) and which I had left at June’s earlier in the year for later consumption.


June and our other classmate Etsuko had done all the cooking. ^^






The star of the party.

As we get older, we so come to enjoy get-togethers with old school friends…!!

Eating Out in Tokyo, October, 2015 Except the Birthday Eats

6 11 2015

What I mean to say is that October being my birthday month, I had a few birthday eats but here are the ones unrelated to my birthday.  So here we go.

Outside and inside the venue at Loud Park 15, a metal festival.  You’ve got to eat to survive the long hours.

Out with colleagues in Akasaka @ Rusticanella for some tasty Italian.

One of the “regular” dinners with a colleague and a mutual friend in Sangenjaya and Italian it was.

At a jazz club in Omotesando.

My current favorite sweets-turned-lunch, acai bowl.


Random lunch I had at a random cafe in Hanzomon.


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